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Latest on the Blog

Two Of My Favourite Holiday Treats – Now Gluten-Free!

Like most people, there are a few things I do around the holidays every year without fail. Putting my very own spin on two holiday faves; nuts & bolts and shortbread cookies top the list. Given that we generally eat dairy-, gluten- and soy-free, I got creative and...

The Simplest Thing I Do For My Health Every Day

One of my very favourite exercises is walking. Walking not only allows me to see things I wouldn’t otherwise notice but it also gets my creative juices flowing. Have you ever noticed this? Give me 30 minutes outside walking and I will return with a ton of fun and...

Then and Now: Ingredients That Changed My Life

I used to be a gym rat. THEN: The air smelled strongly of sweaty musk and the windows were covered in condensation. Dumbbells and Olympic bars clinked in all areas of the gym. 90’s dance hits blasted through the speakers. The space was all too familiar, almost like a...