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Oct 17

Awaken the Goddess Within in Ireland

By Flora Ware | Blog

Dear Sister, The Emerald Isle is calling you… You hear the whisperings of Brigit, Danu, Cerridwen, awakening the Goddess within you. It’s time, sister. Ignite your soul fire with Brigit’s sacred flame, Stir your inner cauldron as Cerridwen guides your hand, Deepen into your Priestess magic with Queen Danu at your side. Join us… to […]

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Jul 17

I thought I wanted to be unshakable

By Flora Ware | Blog

If you’d walked in to my living room last Saturday night, you would have found me curled up and bawling my eyes out — despairing over my terrible parenting skills after bedtime routines turned sour. While Kristy was upstairs soothing and settling our little guy, I was crying on the couch and questioning everything. It […]

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Jan 18

7 Goddess Gifts of Feminine Leadership

By Flora Ware | Blog , Goddess Dreamschool

When you hear the word ‘leader’ or ‘leadership’, what comes to mind? In asking this question, the answers vary from ‘dominance’ and ‘boss’, to ‘inspiration’ and someone who ‘paves a new road’. The responses, of course, reflect our own connotations and personal experiences with leadership, however negative or positive. It will come as no surprise […]

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