May 09

Mothers Are Magnificent

By Kristy Ware | Uncategorized

I’m sitting on my bed, in tears. My mom comes into my room, puts her arm around me and asks me what’s wrong. I’m feeling shy and embarrassed to tell her. I’m afraid she’ll be angry and disappointed in me. Finally, with tears rolling down my cheeks and my head held down, I spit it […]

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Feb 01

Clearing Your Root Chakra

By Kristy Ware | Blog , Health

When you set out to construct your dream home there are many important things to take into consideration. First and foremost, however, is to start with a solid foundation, as it is the base that everything else is built upon. I love this analogy as it is exactly how I like to look at our […]

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Jan 15

That time I forgave Jesus

By Flora Ware | Blog

In the dim lights of the room, the 30 of us toned the chant together. Not in sync, but in our individual cadence and tempo.  I had resisted this chant because it was connected to a man I despised because of what I thought he represented: oppression, violence and suffering. It was a chant for […]

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