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The Guide that makes your life easier, keeps your family healthier and your kids more interested in eating. Included is: 

  • 10 Healthy snack ideas for both vegetarian and meat loving families.  
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  • 2 Creative kid friendly recipes.
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    Tips on how to introduce new foods to your family and keep them coming back for more!

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Meet the Mom and Nutrition Coach Behind this Simple Kid-Tested Guide

Hi! I’m Kristy, and my son calls me Mimi. I am the Overwhelmed Mom’s Secret Weapon! I am a Strength Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Self-love Mentor and I help working moms regain their fitness and fabulousness. 

My mission is to encourage moms to make self-love and self-care a part of their everyday and to celebrate each and every win, no matter how small. I work with clients in-person and online, and I also run group fitness classes. 

I understand the challenges and importance of balancing exercise, healthy eating and self-care with other priorities: family and career. I believe that nourishment is the foundation from which we thrive!

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