I’m Married to a Priestess

By Flora Ware | Uncategorized

Sep 28

It all started with a rigid, very detached hug.

I am certain that Flora knew from the very beginning that I was in need of serious spiritual guidance. She was right.

We met while I was in the midst of a messy breakup from a 7 year relationship. Life as I once knew it had crumbled before me and I did not know where to turn. Flora reached out as a friend but had so much more to offer me than just that.

One summer evening standing on the rock face that overlooked the town of Nelson, Flora leaned in offering me a consoling hug but I had no idea how to accept her gesture. I was rigid, closed off and suppressing my emotions as I often did- a survival tactic I realized later was not serving me well.

From that day forward I think Flora made it her mission to enlighten, guide and support me toward a more grounded and connected spiritual practice without even intending it. Has it helped? You have no idea!

It was shortly after that awkward summer evening she gifted me my first set of Runes. If you’re not familiar with Runes they are a set of Viking symbols made on cards or etched on stone or crystal that offer guidance and answers at times when you do not have the answers. I put them into use immediately.

Flora also began taking me to women’s moon circles on a monthly basis and shared her wisdom. I won’t lie- I was totally out of my element but in time I learned to share my feelings, even cry publically on a few occasions, which was a new thing for me.

I began to feel supported by the women I was surrounding myself with.

Several years later I became inspired to buy my very own deck of tarot cards, Osho Zen Tarot, and have been consulting them whenever I need ever since. I also own Louise Hay’s Power Thought Cards, Animal Cards and Healing Cards that I have incorporated into my fitness training. After each training session clients choose a card from a chosen deck to inspire them until we meet again. I learned this new way of being and living my life from Flora.

The truth of the matter is that without her support, spiritual guidance and nurturing ways I may still be that detached rigid person I use to be. My wife honestly has a natural gift and way of teaching and encouraging people to tap into the divine, to discover themselves and trust in their own wisdom.

Flora is offering a guided Goddess journey starting this Friday September 30th 2016 – AWAKEN THE GODDESS WITHIN.

My life forever changed for the better once I opened up to the healing power of women gathering together. Maybe the same will happen for you! It’s all online so women from all over can participate. Check it out: