Moon Magic Sisterhood

Sisterhood is key to activating change; as we transform ourselves, we transform the world.

When I attended my first women’s circle in 1993, my life was forever changed. It stirred a deep remembering in me of when God was a woman. I experienced my own power and magic being amplified by circle medicine.

I have been participating in and leading women’s circles in attunement to the moon and the wheel of the year ever since.

Are you craving a community of like-minded women to deepen into your spiritual soul work?

The Moon Magic Sisterhood is women coming together with the intention of connecting, uplifting, and transforming their lives.

Tune yourself to the rhythms of la luna, heal your sister wound, and remember your magic by remembering you're magic!

Sisters, mothers, daughters, and grandmothers reflecting in love and empowerment. Together, we are bringing the Divine Feminine back into our remembrance, back into balance with the Divine Masculine.

The live virtual sister circles are aligned with the new moon. 

Each lunar cycle there is a different theme inspired by astrology. On the new moon circle, we will catalyze our exploration of the theme, guiding us through that lunation. A few days before the full moon, you will receive an email with additional information and a guided audio visualization or ritual to further support you.

"I am so in love with the Moon Magic Sisterhood! It’s been a hugely grounding experience for me, especially when I get lost and distracted from my spiritual self during a busy month. It’s another wonderful tool for me in working on my integration."  - Shona Fraser, Heartspace Interiors

We are focused on empowerment, embodiment, manifestation, and cultivating our magic for personal and planetary evolution. Together, we will lovingly hold space for you to remember your own wisdom and power through the medicine of circle.

Sister Circle Dates for 2018:

Tuesday January 16
Thursday February 15
Sunday March 18
Monday April 16
Wednesday May 16
Wednesday June 13
Friday July 13 ~ The 13th Moon
Sunday August 12
Monday September 10
Tuesday October 9
Wednesday November 7
Friday December 7

What's Included in your Membership:

Monthly Sister Circle

Intentional Sisterhood

Bi-monthly Love Letter

Lunaversity Classes

Book Club

Private Facebook Group

Inner Circle Status

Join the Moon Magic Sisterhood today!

Two subscription options to join the Moon Magic Sisterhood:

One-year membership (best value): $249
Monthly membership: $25


1. You can cancel at any time on the monthly subscription option. However, you won't fully experience the magic or the medicine if you only peek in and then leave. As Circle Priestess I ask you from my heart to commit to the journey for at least one season of 3 months.

2. There are no refunds on annual membership purchase. I want you to be committed to the full circle of your journey.

3. Yes there are replays. If you cannot attend a new moon circle or Lunaversity class live, the recording will be emailed the following day.

4. There is no specific religious or spiritual affiliation to this circle sisterhood.

5. Whether you have been attending women’s circles for 25 years like me, or this will be your first one – you are welcome here, sister.

“Working with Flora and being in both Goddess Dreamschool and the Moon Magic Sisterhood has helped me so much! I felt scared, insignificant and generally had this big hole in me that I didn’t know where it came from and what to do about it. Now one year later, I feel so much stronger than I’ve ever been and I’m happy and at home within myself.”

– Justine van Wassenaer, Artedite Healing: Reiki and natural skincare