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“Exercise is self-love, and loving yourself is the key to success.” – Louise L. Hay


Carrying a baby, giving birth and then starting the recovery process is a life changing experience; physically, emotionally and mentally. I can appreciate how quickly you would love to get back into exercise and how badly you want to lose the baby weight. I say, your priority is loving your new body. The most important piece to consider above anything, is that retraining your body after birth, specifically your pelvic floor, is key to reclaiming your core strength and confidence.


Making time for health and fitness is not a selfish luxury and is in fact, one of the most important things you can do for your overall well-being. We all know the health risks associated with being inactive and eating poorly. Your spiritual and mental well being is also a factor in your health and happiness. Using that precious nap-time (or lunch break!) to engage in some self care is far more important than those dishes, load of laundry, or working through your lunch. When you take care of yourself you are far more capable and energized to care for the rest of the family.


I have worked as a Fitness Trainer for over a decade and since becoming a mom I have ditched the lengthy gym routine and perfected the 20-30 minute in-home workout. I now specialize in supporting other moms to develop creative ways to integrate health and fitness into their lives (no fancy equipment or gym required). Possible side effects may include: lost inches, happier mood, better sex life, and increased self-esteem.

3 Ways to Work With Me:

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In-Person Assessments & Coaching

“I chose to work with Kristy both in-person and online to help get my pre-baby body back and increase my emotional health. My favourite part about working with her is has a warm and empathetic personality that focuses not only on the physical aspects of health but also where I am at emotionally. Kristy makes physical change realistic and functional. She was able to adapt exercise programs so I could do them WITH my daughter and throughout my day at home. Push ups on the washing machine, sit ups with my daughter or tricep dips on my stairs which turn into fun bonding with your child! I always leave our sessions feeling empowered and understood.”

Courtney NW, North Vancouver

“I adore Kristy’s group classes, the thought she puts into creating the exercises as well as the genuine care she offers while in her company is what I love most. I never ever feel judged for not being able to do something or for being the last person to complete an exercise. This is beyond valuable to me and what keeps me coming back each week.”

Belva S, Vancouver

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