5 Full Moon Rituals for this Powerful Lunar Eclipse

By Flora Ware | Blog

Jul 26

Are you feeling all the intense energy lately?

We are currently experiencing 6 planets in retrograde, with a potent Aquarius full moon, plus the longest lunar eclipse this century, smack in the middle of an extended 4-week eclipse portal. Phew!

For me this has looked like:
✪ old sister wounds coming up around rejection and not being good enough
✪ feeling frustrated that things are going so slow
✪ lack of clarity on what my most aligned direction is
✪ trouble making decisions

Since both full moons and eclipses bring things up to the surface to be acknowledged, healed, and (hopefully) transmuted, we are all getting a double whammy of whatever it is that we most need to face for our growth.

I find that the most helpful things to get me to the root of it all and move through the spiritual challenges are heart to hearts with people who love me (I’m a Gemini moon so talking out my emotions is my thing), and RITUALS.

5 Full Moon Rituals

Here are 5 suggestions for rituals you can do over the next 3 nights under the full moon to help you gain clarity and insight, ease the discomfort of expansion, and amplify your manifestation power.

1. Moon Bathing Meditation
You can do this outside or through a window. If indoors, turn off all the lights and if outside, find a location with limited artificial light. Sit or lie down and bathe in the moonlight. Gaze up at the moon, ask “What do I need to remember?”, and clear your mind with intentional breathing to open up for the insights. Before going to bed, write down what came to you in your journal.

2. Full Moon Scrying
Fill a bowl, chalice, or your cauldron with water. “Catch” the full moon on the water’s reflection, and scry into the water. You can ask the same question as above, or for something specific you desire information about.

3. Make or refresh your Dream Board
Full moons are a great time to anchor in your dreams, goals and visions for your life in a visual way. This can be done solo or with friends, and there are a few ways you can do this. For more info on dream boarding, check out this article I wrote.

4. Full Moon Forgiveness & Gratitude
All spiritual teachings around the world and throughout the ages emphasize the power of forgiveness and gratitude. These qualities need to be cultivated through practice. Write out everyone and everything that you are ready to forgive and set yourself free from. Write out everything you are grateful for. You will feel lighter and happier!

5. Singing & Drumming Circle
Gather with your friends to raise your voices together in song. It doesn’t matter what (or how well!) you sing, but the intention of your coming together to celebrate.

If you want more ritual ideas for all 4 lunar phases, you can download your free copy of my Manifest with Moon Magic ritual guide here.