5 Ways to Practice & Live in Deep Trust

By Flora Ware | Blog

Sep 22

2020 has been an intense, challenging year, no doubt about that.

It feels like we are all in a pressure cooker!

Most days I can stay grounded, hold on to my faith and trust… and some times I crack under the weight of feeling it all. I weep for the loss of the life, for our ignorance and fear.

Here in BC, the air is thick with smoke haze from the fires to the south. This is nothing new for us here. But right now, it feels even more symbolic of everything that is crashing and burning down.

On top of the natural disasters, social crises and violence, there is a dangerous war on truth happening, with lies and misconstrued “news” being shared everywhere. It’s shocking and scary.

It can feel almost impossible to have TRUST in this destructive process.

Yet throughout the ages, every spiritual tradition has emphasized the importance of cultivating deep trust. Trust gives us strength and courage to live our lives from a place of Love instead of Fear— even when, ESPECIALLY when, we feel vulnerable and uncertain.

In this 40 minute video broadcast, I share 5 ways that are a mix of spiritual concepts and practical exercises you can do to increase your sense of trust in life, Source, and ultimately YOURSELF.

Please share in the comments below any insights you gain, or something you are inspired to do from this!

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