Faith Over Fear: 7 Ways I Stay Heart-Centered

By Flora Ware | Blog

Aug 16

In troubled times, it can be challenging to keep our faith when surrounded by so much fear. I sent this to my email list today, and wanted to share publicly here too: so it’s crystal clear, I denounce white supremacy and am actively engaged in learning to unpack my unconscious toxic whiteness. I support intersectional feminism, and I am a spiritual activist.

I believe that together, awakened women of all colours, faiths, and economic status will heal and transform the world. It’s starts by taking a stand and not putting up with the BS anymore.
Sadly, the recent violence is nothing new – but it remains as a stark reminder that many people are still defending the wrong-doings of the past, and are willing to aggressively uphold old ways of being.

It may be tempting to sink into despair, give up hope, and stop pursuing your dreams, because what kind of future is there? That’s the exact opposite of what the world needs. When it gets dark, we turn on a light. Right? Be that light!

Last summer after the Orlando shootings, I shared on Facebook 7 ways I stay heart-centered and hopeful amidst all the violence in the world. 2017 hasn’t been much better than 2016 with all the aggression and hatred bubbling up everywhere. So here they are again.


Avoidance prolongs resistance and suffering. Let yourself feel all your emotions so you can move through them.


If prayer isn’t already part of your daily devotional practice, I encourage it. It does wonders for our personal well-being, and sends positive and healing energy out into the world that so needs it.


Ramp up your self-care, engage in healing and restorative activities, and share your healing hands and heart with others.


There are many worthwhile organizations that you can give your time and/or money to, being part of the solution to racism and fear-based violence. Specifically, you could support the Charlottesville Anti-Racist Legal Fund or your local Black Lives Matter chapter.


Take a walk in the woods, on the beach, in a park. Dance. Make love. Don’t sit in front of the computer or TV for hours.


Spending time with young children is balm for our souls. Thankfully they don’t know the world of hatred and fear just yet. Be present. Play.


Don’t lose sight of your goals and dreams, because I’m going to bet that you want to do some awesome stuff that will make the world a better place. Anger is a great motivator. And there’s no better time to stop procrastinating than NOW.

As sensitive women and light workers, we clearly see the shadow we wish to transmute with love. If you are noticing that you are feeling numb, or wanting to shut it out, I hope you hear my rallying Valkyrie cry to stand UP and speak OUT.

We can no longer afford to be apathetic or lazy. The “someone else will fix it” mentality must go. As the Hopi prophecy states, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”