9 Ways to Work with Death Wisdom in November

By Flora Ware | Blog

Nov 02

In October we celebrate death, and in November we honour the Crone: the Wise Woman, the Death Priestess.

Millions of people all over the world honour their ancestors at this time, as well as perform ceremonies and traditions to communicate with the dead.

November a great time of year for us to also honour the symbolic deaths we’ve experienced in the previous year. It’s a time to acknowledge our journey, our growth, and celebrate how far we’ve come.

It’s no surprise then, that death is a Scorpio theme (the astrological sign from October 23 to¬†November 20). As my sun sign, I’m not adverse to this topic, and so today I am stepping into the role of death priestess to open up these conversations around dying.

Here are nine ways you can work with death wisdom in November:

1. Create an ancestors altar with photos and items to commemorate your dearly departed.

2. Set a place for someone you love who has passed at your table. Toast to them.

3. Write them a letter. Then burn it

4. Write your obituary. How do you want it to read?

5. Talk to your spouse or best friend about your ideas and wishes for your death.

6. Talk to your parents about their wishes for their deaths. Do they have a legal will? Are they expecting you to be the executor? These are good things to know.

7. Perform a Croning ritual for a friend or yourself to honour this life stage.

8. Spend some time with your elders, whether they are blood relatives or chosen family, in person or on the phone. Ask questions. Listen to their stories.

9. Write down all the symbolic deaths that you’ve experienced, and the thoughts and ways of being that you want to let die. Release them into the fire.

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