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Strategy and Sorcery Trainings for Womxn Entrepreneurs
November 7 - November 28, 2018

Have the mainstream methods of marketing, launches, sales funnels, etc., stopped working for you? (or they never really did)

Do you have the intuitive sense that you could be in greater alignment with the rhythms of your feminine body and natural cycles within your business practices?

Are you into hanging out online with other passionistas, visionaries, and healers?

Then get ready to get ATTUNED: 4 weeks of FREE business strategy and sorcery trainings for womxn entrepreneurs, every Wednesday in November.

I'm guessing that like me, you desire to feel a soul alignment with your business and approach it as a devotional practice.

To have a sacred business, we need spiritual work alongside business savvy.

To have a profitable business, we need systems, processes, and action that are aligned with our magic.

And to be aligned with our magic means to be ATTUNED to the spiral wisdom of the ages.

Attuned trainings will be held on Livestream in the Awaken the Goddess Within Facebook group at Noon Pacific. 

November 7 - New Moon

The new moon in Scorpio supports our desire to look beneath the surface, go deep, and unearth the truth and power of our essence. In this lunar phase we focus on divination: using oracles, intuitive practices and rituals to plant seeds and make plans. Crone wisdom helps us with our business dreamcrafting and dreamlining.

November 14 - Waxing Moon

During the waxing moon we expand and take aligned action. In this phase we amplify our Light work. The creative energy of the Maiden supports us in growth and helps us consider innovative ways to share our message and medicine. We will discuss soul-aligned marketing and launch strategies

November 21 - Full Moon

As we rise with the Mother energy of the Full Moon, we surrender to receive. The energy of allowing is key in our feminine manifestation. To shine in the spotlight we need to get comfortable with visibility: video marketing, speaking, and live events will be the focus of this training, along with an ancient full moon ritual.

November 28 - Waning Moon

We run with the Wild Woman under the Waning Moon and are supported in our shadow work. In this phase we look at what needs to be adjusted or restructured in our systems so we can come into greater alignment with our sacred business. The Attuned training series will conclude with a ritual focused on integration.

This free, 4 week training series starts November 7. The live videos are taking place every Wednesday in November in the Awaken the Goddess Within Facebook group.

By signing up, you will be receiving additional info, resources, Livestream replays and action steps, PLUS your own copy of the Attuned Entrepreneur Cycle Chart, shown above, with full Guide.

“You’re like the poster child of witchy entrepreneurs in my mind. Lol! When I think of biz witches that I know, you really stand out. You walk the talk and I love watching how you create.”

Afura Nefertiti, The Wealthy Wise Witch

About the Facilitator,

Flora Ware

As a Spiritual Life & Business Coach, I help visionary entrepreneurs with mindset, marketing, and magic. I am a dream igniter, Moon Circle Priestess and sacred feminine leadership mentor. I am also a speaker, author and Sound Healer.

My spiritual path and magical training began in 1993. I have lived attuned to the moon, seasons, and my own cycles ever since. In my career, I have an extensive background in Marketing, Communications and Development Strategy. It is my pleasure to combine my passions and skill set to support entrepreneurs to grow their businesses to see more impact and income and lead in an aligned, feminine way.

I am devoted to creating and holding space for womxn to hear their soul’s voice, embody their wisdom, and step into their leadership.

In addition to moon rituals and deep conversations with my soul sisters, I love hiking, swimming, dancing, singing, and eating anything covered in pesto. I live in Vernon, BC, Canada with my wife and our 5 year old son.

© Flora Ware, Strength & Soul 2018