Awaken the Goddess Within retreat, August 2020

By Flora Ware | Blog

Dec 12

I’m thrilled to announce the details for the second annual Awaken the Goddess Within retreat happening August 28-30 2020 at the Epona Rise Retreat Centre in Kamloops, BC!

For 4 nights and 3 days, we will connect deeply with nature in our forest temple through workshops, rituals and ceremonies.

This retreat will be held in the archetypal frequency of the Lady of Communion. You may know her as Artemis, or Diana.

After my 2019 sacred pilgrimage to Ireland, where 15 of us visited ancient stone circles, stayed in a castle for a week, and spent time in sisterhood and ceremony, many women asked me if I was going to plan another Ireland trip. But for some reason, my intuition was saying no. Not yet, at least.

As I sat with it for a few months, it became clear that for 2020 I would be inviting sisters to join me closer to where I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. The land at Epona Rise is alive with fertile magic!

Working with the Lady of Communion, we will access and receive Her sacred teachings of

  • the marriage of Gaia Green and Solar Gold,
  • empowerment,
  • sovereignty and personal authority,
  • her sacred tools of the Lightshield of Harmonization,
  • and the Sovereign Throne.

There is room for only 12 sisters in this retreat, and only 3 spots remain open. Visit the info page to learn more: