Awaken the Goddess Within

A free, 5 day quest to discover your divine feminine 

Do you feel disconnected, TIRED, or overwhelmed? 

Are you seeking more MAGIC and meaning in your life? 

What if you could understand yourself, and life, in a way that made every day SACRED? 

Come, sister, and REMEMBER who you truly are.

All over the world, millions of us are waking up to our women's wisdom. This is an incredible, beautiful uprising and this is happening because the divine feminine is coming back into our remembrance.

When you awaken the Goddess within, you live with more passion, power, and purpose. 

During this time, you will experience embodiment practices, spiritual guidance and supportive sisterhood. 

Joining in sisterhood assists us in overcoming our ancestral wounds of fear and shame and uplifts us out of our feelings of loneliness and disconnection. 

Empowered, we have the courage to shine our brightest light and share the fullest expression of ourselves.

What is involved? 

You will receive a daily email as part of this guided journey with a deepening practice to connect with the “Goddess of the Day”. If you are on Facebook, join the private group to share your responses, challenges, and breakthroughs. 

We will explore 5 feminine archetypes through Lakshmi, Ixchel, Ostara, Kali, and Pele

Are you a healer? A mother? A wild woman? Perhaps you'll discover they ALL reside within you...

I'm kinda new to this Goddess stuff. Is that okay?

Yes! There is no prerequisite knowledge or experience required - just your openess to learn more about yourself. All religious backgrounds are welcome, as long as you are here to discover your own divine feminine expression.

I'm pretty busy. Will this be really involved?

You should give yourself at least 20 minutes a day to get the most out of this experience. My hope is that you will find the daily prompts to be fun and insightful. You can go at your own pace.

I'm not on Facebook. Can I still participate?

Absolutely. Instead of posting your responses in the group, you can send a reply back to me from the daily emails.

What Sisters Are Saying...

"I want to thank you all again for the support, love, vulnerability and trust shown in this group this week. What an incredible journey to take with an inspiring and soulful group of women! One week of surrounding myself with goddesses and I'm making positive changes!" -Shona F.

"This past week has been transformative. I want to thank you all for the space that you've held and for everything that you've shared. I forgot about the power of sisterhood and how incredibly nurturing it is to be among friends, sisters. Thank you for the reminder." -Laetitia J.

"It's taken me three days to write this as I have a lot of walls that I put up to protect myself, but by participating in this group I hope to foster a sense of trust, sisterhood and community. I hope to re-connect with this journey with others and with the goddesses within me." -Stephanie G.

About the Facilitator, Flora Ware

I am a dreamer ignitier, soul friend, Moon Circle Priestess and creatrix of Goddess Dreamschool. I live in Vernon, BC, Canada with my wife and young son. As a Spiritual Life & Business Coach and Goddess Guide, I help women hear their soul's voice, embody their wisdom, and step into their power. 

I have been participating in women’s circles since 1993. At that early age I learned the art of ceremonies and ritual from Dorianne Kohl, who apprenticed with Hyemeyosts Storm, author of Seven Arrows. In 2004, I received my sound healing certification from Jonathan Goldman’s Healing Sounds Intensive in Colorado, USA, and have taught Spirit Voice workshops to hundreds of participants since that time. I even had the pleasure of being in ceremony with Starhawk at Burning Man in 2007. 

I continue to fuel my passion for learning and growing in this field. In 2016 I completed the course, Liberating the Goddesses Within You, with psychologist and author Dr Jean Shinoda Bolen, and have been in apprentice training with Elayne Kalila’s Priestess Presence Temple.  

In addition to moon rituals and deep conversations with my soul sisters, I love hiking, swimming, dancing, singing, and cooking dinner in my Hawaiian apron.