Between the Veils: Global Symposium for Wise Women, Witches and World Bridgers

By Flora Ware | Blog

Oct 16

Calling all Wise Women, Witches & World Bridgers!

I’m thrilled to finally reveal all the details about my upcoming FREE online Samhain event, Between the Veils: A Global Symposium for Wise Women, Witches, and World Bridgers.

I’ve gathered a powerful coven of women together; all expert Healers, Intuitives, Writers, Witches, CEOs and Priestesses, to share their wisdom, tools and practices with us including Cyndi Brannen, Oshun Lilith, Madame Zee, Tia Johnson, Aurora Anurca Farber, and more!

It’s happening over 5 days, Wednesday October 28 – Sunday November 1.

Each day is magically themed: Invocation, Invitation, Initiation, Inspiration, and Integration.

There will be 2 live, virtual sacred ceremonies to open and close this virtual gathering, and 10 incredible interviews to enjoy.

The conversations, trainings and ceremonies will center on ancestral healing, strengthening intuition, mediumship, spell casting and spirit communication, blood mysteries, Priestess leadership, and shadow healing as light workers.

This powerful event will culminate in Samhain Ancestors ceremony on Sunday November 1.

Learn more and RSVP here: