Between The Veils

A Global Symposium of Wise Women,

 Witches, and World Bridgers

~ Wednesday October 28 - Sunday November 1, 2020 ~

You are invited to join us 

:Between the Veils: 

a free virtual gathering that is a magical mix of speaker summit, 

healing activation, and ritual ceremony.

Over 5 days, the conversations, trainings and ceremonies will center on ancestral healing, strengthening intuition, mediumship, spell casting
 and spirit communication, blood mysteries, Priestess leadership, and shadow healing as light workers.

This powerful event will culminate in the Honouring Our Ancestors ceremony 
on Sunday November 1.

Do you want to be more connected to your soul gifts and intuition?

Are you seeking a spiritually conscious sisterhood to support you on your path?

Do you want to have more tools and practices that can guide your healing and growth?

Are you looking for a fun, free online event to celebrate Samhain?

The Celtic holy-day of Samhain (pronounced saw-win) was a time for honouring the dying, as the natural world fell into sacred decay from autumn to winter. At this point on the wheel of the year, people would light candles, bonfires and make offerings of food and drink to remember their dearly departed ones, as well as pay respect to the spirit world.

This time of year is ideal for shadow healing, spirit communication, and ancestral work. Coming together in community as sisters supports and amplifies our intentions.

When we can acknowledge both the shadow and the light within ourselves with compassion, we access our authentic, loving, creative power. Empowered, we have the courage to shine our brightest light and share the fullest expression of ourselves.

In Between the Veils, you will not just hear about but experience embodiment practices, receive spiritual insights and participate in sacred ceremony to help you connect deeper with Spirit and your soul’s gifts. As we heal, we RISE!

Itinerary of Magic:

Wed Oct 28 :: INVOCATION

Between the Veils ~ Opening Ceremony with Host, Flora Ware

Thu Oct 29 :: INVITATION

Our Blood Mysteries: Powerful Medicine for our times ~ interview with Catalina Rivera Dois
Tune In to Turn On: Reclaiming our Witch Magic ~ interview with Annika Suoma Frey
Mediumship through Tarot 
~ interview with Madame Zee

Fri Oct 30 :: INITIATION

The Mysteries of the Goddess Hecate ~ interview with Cyndi Brannen
Wisdom of the Shadow ~ interview with Jessica Ricchetti
Strengthening Your Intuitive Channels ~ interview with Aurora Anurca Farber


Spell Casting with the Goddesses ~ interview with Tia Johnson
Using Crystals to Connect with the Ancestors
~ interview with Alexis Alvarez
Up-level Your Energy System by Connecting to the Crystalline Grid 
~ interview with Kathy Forest


Honouring Our Ancestors ~ Samhain Celebration & Closing Ceremony with Flora

** You will have 48 hours to watch these on your own time. All LIVE events happening at Noon Pacific, with replays available afterward if you cannot attend. **

Our Guides

Madame Zee

Mediumship through Tarot

Tia Johnson

Spell casting with the Goddesses

Aurora Farber

Knowing Your Intuitive Channels

Kathy Forest

Up-level Your Energy System by Connecting to the Crystalline Grid

Cyndi Brannen

The Mysteries of the Goddess Hekate

Catalina Rivera Dois

Our Blood Mysteries: Powerful Medicine For Our Times

Annika Suoma Frey

Tune In to Turn On: Reclaim Your Witch Magic

Jessica Ricchetti

Wisdom of the Shadow

Alexis Alvarez

Using Crystals to Connect with the Ancestors

About your Host,  Flora Ware

Flora Ware is a paradigm shifter, dream igniter, and goddess guide. As a Leadership Mentor and Priestess of the She Spirals Temple, she helps women hear their soul’s voice, awaken to their divine humanity, and reclaim their unique feminine power. Flora is also a speaker, author, singer and sound healer.

After attending her first women's circle in 1993, this powerful experience led her on to a path of devotion to creating and holding sacred space for women to remember and share their wisdom. Flora has studied and trained with many remarkable teachers and mentors in her passion to support the re-balancing of the sacred feminine on the planet.

In addition to moon rituals and deep conversations with her soul sisters, Flora loves hiking, swimming, dancing, singing, and eating anything covered in pesto! She lives in Vernon, BC, Canada with her wife and son.

:Between The Veils:

October 28 - November 1