Monday February 12 – Friday February 16, 2018

Do you fall back on hustling and working long hours when your mojo isn't flowing?

Would you love to bring ALL of yourself - especially your "woo" - into your business strategies?

 Is your intuition telling you that the way up is by going within?

This archetypal journey will help you understand your unique soul's blueprint for success so you can make a bigger impact and income. 

You're an entrepreneur who has a big vision. A lot of passion

You started your business not only for freedom with your time and finances, but to share your soul gifts with the world and fulfill a deeper meaning in your life.

But it's easy to get caught on the hamster-wheel of just staying on top of all. the. things.

You lose some of your passion being overwhelmed by details. Or you start to lose some faith in yourself and your purpose.

The Discover Your Feminine Business Archetype journey will reconnect you to your leadership strengths  — no matter your business or industry.

During this week, you will explore the 4 divine feminine archetypes of the Maiden, the Mother, the Wild Woman, and the Crone: and then learn how to apply these insights to your marketing.

When we understand our feminine business archetypes, we can leverage our own unique business strengths and brand personality. This translates into: 

  • clear and magnetic marketing that is authentic, aligned and effective, 
  • easily attracting customers and enrolling dream clients, 
  • feeling integrated and in flow with your business, relationships and health,
  • leading with confidence and approaching our work as a spiritual practice.  

"I found this week to be both inspiring and relevant! I discovered A LOT about how my business operates through The Crone and Wild Woman and how my shadow aspects rely on me healing the Mother / Maiden paradigm within me, because after all, my business and life are inextricably and intrinsically linked to one another."

~ Kristin Lewis, Wild Woman Visionary

After you register, you will receive a welcome email and if you are on Facebook, you will be invited to join the private group where we are journeying together.

From Monday February 12 - Thursday February 15, you will receive a daily email with an overview of the Goddess and archetype, a 5 minute tutorial video, plus a journal prompt question and a deepening practice to take action on.

On Friday February 16 to conclude the week, there will be an Archetypal Marketing workshop and Closing Circle at Noon PST/ 3pm EST/ 8pm GMT/ 7am AEST (Sat Feb 17).

This workshop circle will begin with a grounding group meditation. Then I will be sharing how to apply your newfound archetypal understanding to your marketing communications and leadership. I will leave plenty of open time for questions, feedback, and together we can share our experiences, breakthroughs, and inspirations.  

This gathering will be held on Zoom conferencing, which is free and accessible by phone or internet. It will be recorded and the replay will be sent by email if you cannot attend live.

And in case you missed it, the Discover Your Feminine Business Archetype journey is complete free.

I'm pretty new to this spiritual woo-woo stuff. Is that okay?

Yes! There is no prerequisite knowledge or experience required - just your openness to learn more about yourself. All religious backgrounds are welcome, as long as you are here to discover your own divine feminine expression.

I'm pretty busy. Will this be really involved?

You should give yourself at least 20 minutes a day to get the most out of this experience. My hope is that you will find the daily prompts to be fun and insightful. You can go at your own pace. This is your journey. Plan for the closing circle call to be an hour in length.

I'm not on Facebook. Can I still participate?

Absolutely. Instead of posting your responses in the group, you can send a reply back to me from the daily emails.

The Journey begins Monday February 12th!


"This past week has been transformative. I want to thank you all for the space that you've held and for everything that you've shared. I forgot about the power of sisterhood and how incredibly nurturing it is to be among friends, sisters. Thank you for the reminder." 

~ Laetitia Jacquouton, Yoga Instructor

About Your Facilitator, Flora Ware

As a Spiritual Life & Business Coach, I help visionary entrepreneurs with mindset, marketing, and magic. I am a dream igniter, Moon Circle Priestess and creatrix of Goddess Dreamschool. I am also a speaker, author and certified Sound Healer.

My spiritual path and magical training began in 1993. In my career, I have an extensive background in Marketing, Communications and Development Strategy. It is my pleasure to combine my passions and skill set to support women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses to see more impact and income and lead in a fulfilling, feminine way. I am devoted to creating and holding space for women to hear their soul’s voice, embody their wisdom, and step into their leadership power. 

In addition to moon rituals and deep conversations with my soul sisters, I love hiking, swimming, dancing, singing, and eating anything covered in pesto. I live in Vernon, BC, Canada with my wife and 4 year old son.

This was exactly what I needed!! I enjoyed connecting with other goddesses, being able to identify my own blocks and resistance as I moved forward in my healing, and I felt I had a safe place to allow my voice to be heard. I am forever changed. Highly recommend it!” 

~ Tracy Hamilton, Trauma Coach, Recharging the Soul