Environmental Spirituality

By Flora Ware | Blog

Apr 15

I believe that divine feminine spirituality is intrinsically linked to environmentalism— and needs to be.

In this video, I share:

  • my top tips for making eco-conscious choices with the biggest positive impact,
  • how divine feminine spirituality is intimately partnered with caring for the environment,
  • and 1 simple practice you can do every day to feel more connected to the earth.

I’ve also created a new free resource, the Cyclic Living Guide, that is designed to help you deepen your experience of living and creating in harmony with the 8 Phase Lunar-Solar Creation Cycle.

The guide includes a printable chart for both the northern and southern hemispheres and 3 pages of suggested energetic and actionable practices for each phase. 

Go here to receive your free copy: https://strengthandsoul.com/cyclic-living-guide/