Friday the 13th and the Divine Feminine Connection

By Flora Ware | Blog

Jul 03

You are invited to The 13th Moon…

We are coming up on a divinely feminine cosmic alignment, so of course I’m hosting a virtual event to commemorate, celebrate, and illuminate. 😉

This is Friday the 13th of July, on the Cancer New Moon. Why is this such an auspicious date, connected to magic and the divine feminine? Let me tell you a story…

The number 13 has long been associated with the feminine. This connection relates to the 13 moons in a year, and the moon represents feminine energy, emotions, and the element of water. Women typically have 13 menses in a year, and our monthly “moon time” used to be considered a sacred pause for rest, sisterhood, and even divination.

Friday is named after the Goddess Venus, the embodiment of Divine Feminine energy. So having Friday and the number 13 together makes for a portal of potent creative feminine power!

This is why the lies and fear-mongering was spread to turn its sacred meaning into one of bad luck and evil. Oh patriarchy. (sigh)

Friday July 13 is especially powerful this year since the moon is New, and it’s the 13th Moon of the Moon Magic Sisterhood!

During this special virtual circle we will:
✫ Meditate together
✫ Perform a new moon ritual
✫ Receive a Lightbody activation through sacred geometry & sound
✫ Be blessed with a channeled message from Reiki master, Justine van Wassenaer
✫ Witness and hold one another in unconditional Love

When I attended my first women’s circle in 1993, my life was forever changed. It stirred a deep remembering in me of when God was a woman. I experienced my own power and magic being amplified by circle medicine. I have been participating in and leading women’s circles in attunement to the moon and the wheel of the year ever since.

Are YOU craving a community of like-minded women and desire a space to deepen into your spiritual soul work?

The Moon Magic Sisterhood is for you if you are:
☽ ready to go deeper into the mysteries of your feminine soul
☽ wanting to attune your life in rhythm with lunar cycles and the wheel of the year
☽ desiring an “anchor” in your life for your spiritual self-care that includes circle medicine, guided meditation, rituals, journaling, and moon magic manifestation
☽ craving to be in a supportive, intimate sisterhood of women from all over the world
☽ seeking a space to remember your wisdom, power and practice magic!

Learn more and activate your membership here: