The Full moon is an ideal time for dream boarding

By Flora Ware | Blog

Sep 15

The full moon is the perfect time to make (or refresh) a dream board!

There are so many advantages to creating a dream board, also known as a vision board. First, it helps you clarify the dreams you want to manifest into your reality. This may seem obvious, but until you take the time to put your dreams down on paper, literally, they can remain an unclear idea in your head. When you know exactly what you desire you can more easily manifest it!

Second, a dream board helps you consistently visualize it as your reality. It is very important to keep your dream board visible. This gives you a daily reminder of what you are working towards. It helps you to check in with your choices and actions so you can see if they are steering you towards your dreams, or distracting you from them.

The third advantage of creating a dream board is the creative act itself. The creation process gets you in touch with your inner muse, connecting you to your inspiration and opening you up to a bigger vision for yourself and your life. Even if you don’t consider yourself artistic, maybe even especially if you don’t, the process is fun, insightful and can be healing for the soul.


How To Make A Dream Board

There are two ways you can make a dream board: on paper or digitally. I love the old fashion way of creating a paper collage, with images from magazines or beautiful art cards and filling in with pieces that I write on with coloured markers.

I created my first dream board in 2010, and it’s amazing to see things come true that you can then take down and replace with new dreams. Kristy and I take ours down a couple times of year to work on it and keep things current and aligned. We have it on a big cork-board in our bedroom so we see it every day.

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You can also make a dream board on your computer. Programs such as Pinterest, Smilebox, Canva and Illustrator can be used to create a digital collage – it depends on your skills and preference. My one word of caution here would be to find a way to make your digital collage regularly visible to you by setting it as your wallpaper on your computer, or saving an image on your lock screen for your phone. That way you get the daily reminder to visualize your dreams as reality!

“The Secret” has it wrong. It’s not Ask, Believe, Receive. It’s more Ask, Receive, Align. So once you’ve made your intention and desire known clearly to yourself (and therefore “the Universe”), you receive it! Your dream is yours as long as you continue to align your thoughts and actions towards it day in and day out.

We will be refreshing our dream board on the next full moon. Will you?