Get ATTUNED in November: 4 weeks of free strategy + sorcery trainings

By Flora Ware | Blog

Nov 02

There’s plenty of business coaches out there who can teach you traditional online marketing strategies, automated sales funnels, how to make 6 figures in 6 days or whatever… but I’m not one of those coaches.

You can easily find a consultant to help you identify your ideal client, what their “pain points” are, and how to use scarcity and fear hooks in your copywriting to sell to them. I am definitely not that kind of marketing consultant.

Have you tried all the mainstream methods of marketing, launches, sales funnels, etc., with only moderate (or very minimal) success?

Any strategy that is out of alignment with you, or misaligned timing, will fall flat. Any time that you trust someone or something more than trusting yourself is going to be misaligned. You’re ignoring your own intuitive wisdom, your magic!

I’m not saying we don’t need mentors or coaches, we certainly do. But the best ones amplify your own knowing and help you align with your unique soul path. This is what I intend to do, in my upcoming free training series, Attuned.

ATTUNED (ah-tooned)
Verb: to make aware of; bring into resonance; to become harmonious.

Please stop trying to fit your magical biz into a muggle box!

I’ve created a “Spiral Dance” of business training for spiritual entrepreneurs, biz witches, Goddess Bosses, and Starseed Medicine Womxn.

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Receive this Attuned Cycle Chart and accompanying guide when you sign up to participate in the training!

4 weeks of free Livestream video trainings, aligned with the 4 lunar phases and corresponding menstrual phases and feminine archetypes.

We will be talking about things like:
? Soul-aligned marketing and launch strategies,
? Visibility, video marketing, and public speaking
? Systems, Structure, and Integration,
? Divination, Dreamcrafting and Dreamlining in our business

Deepen into your understanding of how you can attune yourself and your business with the spiral wisdom of the ages.

We start November 7. Check it out: