Immersion in Sacred Feminine Archetypes & Esoteric Arts

March - June 2019

Have you been feeling it, sister? Remembering what it means to be a divine human? 
And are you yearning to answer your soul's calling, creating a new future for you, your family, and for the world?
This is your soul calling you home to yourself.
It's time to rise, together.
The Earth Mothers, the Light workers, the Sacred Activists, the Wild Wise Witches, Visionary Creatives, Healers. And the girl next door.

Goddess Dreamschool is a virtual mystery school;
an immersion in sacred feminine archetypes and esoteric arts. 

This program is for women ready to awaken to their mythic self, embody their wisdom, and step into their feminine power. During our time together, you will:

  • Experience the inspiration and healing power of intentional sisterhood
  • Raise your frequency with spiritual practices and chakra energy work 
  • Gain tools to get clarity about your goals and how to align your life to your big vision
  • Re-ignite your life with your passion and purpose
  • Understand your feminine archetypes and live, love and LEAD like a Goddess!

"Working with Flora in Goddess Dreamschool, she was able to see parts of me that I couldn't or wouldn't see.  She gave me the space to lean into my highest purpose, look at how I was showing up in my business, and also look at my shadow side and know how to use that.  Understanding my archetypes and how that plays out in my business is incredibly powerful.  It's like a super power secret, like a behind the curtain view into what holds you back, how you sabotage yourself, and what you bring into the world.  Harnessing the energy of the lunar and seasonal cycles is important to me, so I loved the tools and reminders to stay in that alignment."

- Michelle Cooper, Money Coach, Speaker, Author, Business Alchemist

Can you relate to any of these?

  • I’d like to break out of the negative, repeating patterns in my life. 
  • I love all the moon magic and Goddess stuff, but I don't know what it means or how it relates to me.  
  • I'm ready to explore my archetypes and embody my strengths in my life and work.  
  • I don't have many friends that I can talk to about spiritual things.
  • I know it's time to fully rise into my authentic power and leadership, and I want guidance and support.

Understand your soul's blueprint. Embody your strengths. Embrace your shadows. Discover your mythic self.

Introducing the 777 Activation for Your Life

7 Archetypes : 7 Chakras : 7 Goddess Gifts

You are a multi-dimensional, holographic being. You exist in different energetic planes simultaneously. When you become aware of this, and with practice, you can begin to consciously work with ALL of yourself. This leads to:

  • Reclaiming personal power as the creatrix of your life circumstances

  • Attracting your desires more quickly using feminine manifestation principles

  • Increased joy, income and creativity, and reduced struggle, stress and feeling stuck

777 resonates with the spiritual awakening of the collective consciousness, which includes myth and mysticism, empathic and psychic abilities, manifestation and alchemy practices, ritual and inner knowing.

In Goddess Dreamschool, we are working with the magic of 7’s: 7 feminine archetypes explored through the portal of 7 Goddesses, 7 chakra energies attuned to 7 frequencies, and YOU receiving the 7 gifts as you go through the 7 stages of magical self expression.

"Flora's love for and knowledge of archetypes, and what they can support us with, is second to none."

- Julie Parker, Host of the Priestess Podcast and founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Goddess Dreamschool Curriculum Includes:

8 Goddess Circles

We will gather for potent group meditation and to share what our exploration of each Goddess and archetype has uncovered for us, whether it's a strength or a shadow aspect. This is also where we have permission to shine, to fall apart, to celebrate, and cry; giving and receiving the healing support of empowered sisterhood. 

Recorded for lifetime access.

Thu Mar 7
Opening Circle  

We begin in ceremony to cast the circle for our sacred journey.

Thu Mar 21 
OSTARA : Maiden : Root

Plant seeds for new beginnings and gain clarity on your life's vision.

Thu Apr 4
LAKSHMI : Mother : Sacral

Open up to an abundant loving universe, practice sacred self care. Womb clearing.

Thu Apr 18
FREYJA : Wild Woman :
Solar Plexus 

Release inhibition and harness your passion into your purpose.

Thu May 9 
QUAN YIN : Healer : Heart 

Access compassion and unconditional love to strengthen your conduit for healing.

Thu May 23
APHRODITE : Creatrix : Throat

Activate your voice, embrace sensuality and hone your feminine manifestation skills.

Thu Jun 6
HECATE : Crone : 3rd Eye

Connect deeper with your intuition, lean in to the wisdom of death and letting go.

Thu Jun 20 
ISIS : Priestess : Crown 

Alchemical embodiment of your magic and power, and closing circle ceremony.

Deepening Practices & Goddess Guides

Tools and practices that accompany each archetypal deep dive, to connect you to each goddess gift for your deepening embodiment such as:

  • 7 PDF Guides for each Archetype and Goddess portal
  • guided audio meditations 
  • Weekly "Wisdom Question" Journaling prompts
  • Ritual guides for working with chakras, moon magic, and your altar
  • vocal & movement exercises with mantras and mudras

4 Workshops

Workshops with guest teachers to go deeper into the energy work and strengthen the alignment with your archetypal leadership. 

Trusting Your Intuition & Guides
Sora Surya No
Transformative Business Coach & Consultant, Strategy Alchemist, International Retreat Leader & Speaker
Quantum Magic & Your Leadership
Kristen Jett Schnekser
Business mentor, Sales Strategist, Psychic Medium

Soul Alignment is Sacred Alignment
Eva Cruz Pena
Healer, Life Coach, & Latina Priestess

Daily Chakra Practices for Heart & Home
Shona Fraser
Empathic Interior Designer & Wild Woman in progress

4 Sisterhood Group Calls

These are a monthly group call, different from our Goddess circles, where you can ask questions, share your celebrations and challenges, give reflections to your sisters, and be witnessed in your unfolding journey. 

Private Facebook Group 

We give and receive unconditional love and support in here as we open up and heal our sister wounds. This is a sacred, private online space for ongoing sharing, witnessing, shoulder-leaning, and encouragement during the program and beyond. 

"I loved my experience in Dreamschool, and Flora really makes the program with her knowledge, kind heart, & mentoring. Through the experience, I have now learned to be more vulnerable with my clients & show some tears. This program has shown me to open my heart & love who I am. I was fully supported in a loving & gentle manner and my recent launch of my new Witchy Bootcamp was a huge success! Flora is such an amazing person, coach, & mentor."

- Suzie Zurn, aka Madame Zee, Magickal Life Coach, Coven Leader, Tarot Mentor

You: "OMGoddess this sounds amazing!"
Me: "Yes. Yes, it is. Join us!"

Two options for your tuition:


​​8 Goddess Circles
Our space to gather, connect, and share in circle ceremony. Recorded and replays are yours to keep.   

Deepening Practices & Goddess Guides
Audio meditations, Archetype guides, and weekly Journaling prompts. 

4 Workshops
Guest teachers to deepen the energy work.   

4 Sisterhood Group Calls 
Open time to ask questions and share your journey.

Private Facebook Group 
Inspiration, support, motivation. 

$777 USD or $98 x 8 months


8 Goddess Circles
Our space to gather, connect, and share in circle ceremony. Recorded and replays are yours to keep.   

Deepening Practices & Goddess Guides
Audio meditations, Archetype guides, and weekly Journaling prompts. 

4 Workshops
Guest teachers to deepen the energy work.   

4 Sisterhood Group Calls
Open time to ask questions and share your journey.

Private Facebook Group 
Inspiration, support, motivation.

4 1:1 sessions
Receive an in-depth 90 minute Sacred Feminine Archetypal assessment call, 3 1-hour sessions for personalized mentorship and guidance, plus email access during the program for check-ins and reflections.  

Soul Power Oracle Reading 
Intuitive oracle reading to be used at any point during the 4 months.

Altar Gift
Custom selected altar gift sent by mail.    

$1,777 USD 

or $225 x 8 months

5% of all proceeds are donated to Because I'm A Girl, Plan International, an amazing non-profit that sponsors young girls and supports education and business training for women in developing countries. 


The first 3 women will receive a 1 hour private session with Flora, Soul Power oracle reading and altar gift.  CLAIMED

The first 7 women will receive a Soul Power oracle reading.  

The first 13 women will receive a gift of Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell, or if you already have her book, her Work Your Light oracle deck. 

Receive $300 USD OFF your tuition if you decide to also attend the Awaken the Goddess Within in Ireland retreat in April 2019. (subject to retreat availability)

✪ PAY IN FULL BONUS for AMETHYST: receive an additional 1:1 session plus a custom ritual designed for you.

✪ PAY IN FULL BONUS for OPAL: receive a Soul Power oracle reading

When women gather, the world heals.

How to know if this is the perfect program for you:

  • You want to discover your unique feminine essence and power. 
  • You aren't afraid of doing the deep, inner work, and would like some guidance.  
  • You desire to make positive life changes and are ready to uplevel your mindset and magic. 
  • You're able to commit to 2 hours a week for the circle calls and deepening practices. 
  • You crave more sisterhood connection with other empowered spiritual women. 
  • You know you're meant for something big, but aren't clear on what it is or what kind of leader you are.

"In 2017, I was in a job I despised, even though I made halfway decent money. When I found Flora, I jumped in wholeheartedly, taking advantage of every offer I could get my hands on, eventually ditching my despised job and trusting something would come together with my freelancing. In the spring of 2018, I participated in her Goddess Dreamschool program. Previously, I'd had around $500 per quarter of income from my freelancing when I had originally worked at it full time. I landed a big gig and wound up making nearly 4x that much per MONTH. This was by listening to my guides, exploring the Goddesses' callings, trusting myself and my intuition, and really being with Flora and my sisters in the circles.

- Nikitia Maul, Graphic & Web Designer and Virtual Assistant

So by now, you’re thinking I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS!!, and just as soon as you think that, along comes a big BUT.  

  • BUT, I don’t know if I can afford it. (LACK)
  • star
    BUT, I’m not ready for this. (FEAR)
  • star
    BUT, I’m so busy I don’t have the time. (SCARCITY)
  • star
    BUT, I'm not sure if I’d fit in. (SISTER WOUND)

You can wait and “think about it”, letting your mind talk you out of it because it’s not “logical” to spend time and money on soul-work… Instead, I invite you to place your hands on your heart and listen.

You know if this kind of mystery school is the journey your soul craves right now, for your personal and spiritual growth

This is an INITIATION and as such it carries a powerful energetic transmission.

The minute you say YES and step through this gateway, you are calling in a powerful initiation for yourself.

Are you ready and willing to receive this? If so, JUMP! You just may discover you have wings. 

She changes everything she touches, and
everything She touches, changes.

"One thing I learned about myself this year was that I had a deep sister wound. I shied away from groups of women, and I don't even know why, I always had women friends. But Goddess Dreamschool helped me heal that sister wound and I'll never be able to thank you enough for that, because I didn't know how much it was affecting my life. I'm so grateful.  

- Robin Wiggs, Massage Therapist and Shamanic Healing Practitioner 

Know this: the curriculum is simple to follow, yet infused with deeply impactful assignments. However, YOU need to do the deep soul dive and actually DO the inner work.

This program will help you become aware and let go of your old negative patterns, and build on your strengths! With this growth you'll have the courage to live the life you desire to be living.

Through your regular practice of the esoteric arts and the immersion in sacred feminine archetypes, you will activate your mythic self, heal your soul in all timelines and dimensions, and be empowered to live and work in your unique feminine energy. 

Take this important step on your path — as you answer the call to deepen your self knowing and embody your wisdom and power! I’ll see you inside Goddess Dreamschool...  

Your Dreamschool Priestess

Flora Ware is a dream igniter, Moon Circle Priestess and creatrix of Goddess Dreamschool. As a Leadership Coach, she helps women remember their wisdom, hear their soul's voice, and step into their power.

Flora has been participating in women’s circles since 1993, and facilitating workshops since 2002. She believes that circle medicine is much needed for women in the world today. This ancient sacred practice is transformative for our personal and professional lives. She is a former professional singer and certified Sound Healer who loves to incorporate music, song, and chanting in her circles.

Flora has studied feminine archetypes with psychologist and author Dr Jean Shinoda Bolen (Goddesses in Everywoman), SHE-led writing with Lisa Lister (author of WITCH), and mentored with Sora Surya No in sacred circle facilitation. She is currently in the Enter the Mystery initiation with Elayne Kalila’s Priestess Presence temple. 

In addition to moon rituals and deep conversations with her soul sisters, Flora loves hiking, swimming, dancing, singing, and eating anything covered in pesto! She lives in Vernon, BC, Canada with her wife and son.

Enroll in Goddess Dreamschool Today


​​8 Goddess Circles

Deepening Practices & Goddess Guides

4 Workshops

4 Sisterhood Group Calls 

Private Facebook Group 

$777 USD 

or $98 x 8 months


8 Goddess Circles 

Deepening Practices & Goddess Guides

4 Workshops 

4 Sisterhood Group Calls

Private Facebook Group

4 1:1 sessions

Soul Power Oracle Reading 

Altar Gift

$1,777 USD 

or $225 x 8 months

“A big reason why I enrolled in Goddess Dreamschool was to gain more insight in my main archetypes that I could apply to my life (and especially my relationships). Learning to work with the moon energy and building a deeper sense of my divine feminine power has brought comfort in being myself, confidence and grace. I am able to reflect and find what my deeper needs are and now have the ability to clearly communicate them. With your coaching and encouragement I started my own business (something I’ve wanted to do for a while). I loved the motivation, connections with new sister friends, and accountability I received from this program. Meeting you and saying YES to this has been life changing, Flora!” 

Toby Hana Lucas, Health Coach & Oil Goddess

©2019 Flora Ware ~ Strength & Soul