Healing our Wounded Inner Masculine

By Flora Ware | Mindset Coaching

May 23

I’ve recently come to some profound realizations around my father wound, inner masculine, and my money story.

Growing up I came to realize that my father was not the main breadwinner in the family.

Because of this, I learned to not trust men to support me.

Because of this, I adopted an attitude that women don’t need men to support them financially; we can do it ourselves, thank you very much.

But here’s the thing I’ve recently realized: money has the same energy as the sacred masculine. The same energy that I have been blocking and resisting from being in my life.

(mind blown)

I haven’t been fully open to receive this support!

Even a psychic told me recently in a reading that I have only feminine spirit guides around me – and 4 masculine guides outside my circle, because I’m not allowing them in. Sorry, guys!

In this, I feel like I’ve swung perhaps a bit “too far” in my feminist values and Divine Feminine spirituality. My intention was always to raise consciousness around this after millennia of oppression and silence, and to bring back into balance with the Divine Masculine.

So every morning and evening for the last week I’ve been meditating and visualizing myself opening a door to let them in. I’m not clairvoyant or very “visual” most of the time, but I can clearly see how distinct these beings are.

The first is always an Archangel; broad shoulders, in leather and metallic armour, with a broad sword.

Then, a Wizard or Druid with a hooded cape and aged face. Hello, Merlin.

The third is bald and in robes, like a Buddhist monk.

And last comes a little man, an Elf or a Gnome, with eyes that sparkle like jewels.

? Amazing!!

The affirmations I’m using are:

 I dissolve my shields and release my resistance to the sacred masculine.
 I now welcome in my full team of guides. Thank you for your patience and presence.
 I allow myself to be supported by the sacred masculine.
 I forgive my father and any other man that I feel disappointed me.
⭐ I forgive myself and thank myself for always working for and towards my highest good”
 I welcome the masculine energy of money into my life to support me in my feminine.
 I now allow the sacred masculine in my life, in all dimensions and timelines.

Please share this article if you are so inspired, and in the comments I’d love to hear how you too are deepening into this healing. ?


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