How to Create an Altar and Nourish it Daily

By Flora Ware | Blog

Mar 21

Your altar is a sacred, living entity. To create an altar is to create a space for your deepening relationship with your Higher Self, spirit guides, ancestors, and chosen Ascended Master teachers. It is therefore a sacred place that needs energy and nourishment to remain vital, potent and magnetic!

Many people have altars in their homes nowadays where they display their special, spiritual items. It could be the top of a book case or dresser, a windowsill, or a shelf.

Far less people actually practice altar work — using that spot for prayer, spell casting, meditation, healing, etc. When it comes to your altar, if you “set it and forget it” you miss out on receiving the benefits.

An altar is NOT a “display case” for objects. It is a physical interface to communicate with spirit.

Ideally, your altar is in a visible place in a well-frequented area of your home. But we all know how easy it is to “stop seeing” things that we see every day! So you must make it a sacred practice to spend time there each day and give your altar some energy.

Here are 7 suggestions for you to feed your altar with daily:

🙏🏼 Prayers

💕 Reiki

🎵 Sound (your voice, instruments, recorded music)

🌺 Physical offerings like flowers, fresh water, herbs, sugar, salt (little bowls can help this be not so messy)

✨ Scent offerings like burning sage or incense, diffusing essential oils

🕯️ Lighting candles

✍ Handwritten notes

Your altar is an anchor for your magical work. Keep it energized.

Some people like to re-fresh their altar with every new moon. Others do it quarterly, with the seasons. This typically involves clearing the space, wiping clean (dry or with Rose or Florida water), dusting your sacred objects, and placing new ones or re-arranging them in a new position.

I love bringing in natural items from outside to symbolize the seasons, or arranging crystal grid patterns, or displaying photos/ Goddess art/ oracle cards that represent energies I’m working with, or writing intentions for focused manifestation.

Don’t over-think it or hold yourself back because you don’t have the “right” things or place. I know women who keep their altar in a shoe-box under their bed and bring it out for daily prayer and magical work!

There’s no right or wrong way to do this. Remember, items become “sacred” by the meaning we attach to them, and it’s our intention with the creation of an altar that has the most meaning of all.

Do you have an altar? If so, do you feed it daily? If any of these suggestions have inspired you today — share in the comments below!