I thought I wanted to be unshakable

By Flora Ware | Blog

Jul 17

If you’d walked in to my living room last Saturday night, you would have found me curled up and bawling my eyes out — despairing over my terrible parenting skills after bedtime routines turned sour.

While Kristy was upstairs soothing and settling our little guy, I was crying on the couch and questioning everything.

It was a mistake to become a mom. I’m not cut out for it.
Who am I to lead other women, as if I’ve got my shit all figured out? 
I’m a horrible mother for yelling at my child.
I feel like a fraud. 

When I hit these dark places and low points, I want to find my way out as quickly as possible. Not to avoid feeling (because I sure let myself feel!), but because I know now that these thoughts are part of an illusion of fear and shame.

I feel mom-guilt when I believe the shame-based lies my inner mean girl tells me. I feel inadequate when I compare and judge. I am liberated when I change the script running in my mind.

In these moments we require the gifts of the Healer archetype: compassion and forgiveness.

We can fully feel and acknowledge our emotions, AND also know when we have slipped into the illusion of fear, shame, and limiting self talk. This is important for us as women committed to our spiritual growth and increasing our LIGHT: the more light we have, the better we see our shadows. The hurts that still need to be healed, the cages we’ve constructed around our souls, dismantled.

A month ago I started writing something about being unshakable so you are unstoppable. But I never finished it or shared it publicly.

Now I know why — because being unshakable isn’t possible, nor is it in fact the ultimate goal.

I’ll bet that like me, you want to be shaken; trembling from the quakes that take hold of your body and soul as your truth, your power, your Wild Wise Woman arises within you.


I thought I wanted to be unshakable

So nothing could blow me off course.

But that was the ‘me’ thinking I knew the best way to get there,

Instead of letting Her drive.


Last night I woke up to a thunderstorm.

This morning my heart cracks open even more to you.

How can I possibly hold all this sorrow and all this joy,

all this fear and all this love that I feel?


I thought I wanted to be unshakable. I was wrong.


Oh yes, let me be shaken to my core. 

Again and again.

I groan as I bend, 

lean in to the wind that sculpts me,

thank the water that soothes me 

welcome the fire that scars me, 

and fall into the arms of the earth that holds me,

whispering prayers and ancient spells

in languages I had almost forgotten.


Now, together,

we are remembering to-get-Her.

Healing ourselves,

healing the world.

Will this lifetime be enough?

No, it never is. That’s why we keep seeding ourselves and sprouting up 

throughout the ages, in every country. 

Guardians and teachers of the wisdom and love of She,

shaken loose and shaken free — unstoppable.


~ Flora Ware, 2018


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