Mothers Are Magnificent

By Kristy Ware | Fitness

May 09

I’m sitting on my bed, in tears. My mom comes into my room, puts her arm around me and asks me what’s wrong.

I’m feeling shy and embarrassed to tell her. I’m afraid she’ll be angry and disappointed in me. Finally, with tears rolling down my cheeks and my head held down, I spit it out.

“I’m failing history class.”

“Oh wow, I thought it was something so much worse!” she replies, with relief.

“Failing history, but you’re only halfway through the semester and you have lots of time to get help and pass that class, right?” she questioned.

“I guess so. You’re not mad at me then? I’m only getting a 55% and I need 60% to pass,” I ask in shock.

“Why would I be mad? I don’t even think I took history class, let alone passed it. Don’t worry about it. It’s all going to work out fine.” she reassured me.

The very next day after school I arrived home to find a stuffed ‘TY’ stork and a card on my bed from my mom. She reminded me that it was just one class and that she knew I would pass. She reassured me that she loved me anyways and everything was going to be just fine.

That’s the kind of stuff my mom does. She stands by me when I am having a hard time finding the courage to believe in myself. She makes my day brighter when darkness strikes or I have lost my path. She is there for me raising my spirits and providing hope and love when I feel like a failure.

Now that I am a mom myself, I realize how impactful all those small gestures were. Whether it was hugs, kind words, love notes in my lunch box or a full day of playing hooky together and hitting the mall (don‘t tell my dad!), my mom made my childhood a special one.

The merry month of May is about celebrating mothers and the contributions they make not only to families, but to the world at large.

If you want to make Mother’s Day Magnificent, either for yourself or a special mom in your life, here’s a list of ideas:

Be mindful.

Meditate, soak in the tub, get a massage, stretch or do yoga. Make time to relax in a way that makes you happiest.

Stop and smell the roses.

Take some time to breath deeply, smell the flowers as you stroll past or even better, plant you own! Connecting with Mother Nature helps to ground you and relieves stress.

Take a walk.

Or a hike with family and friends. Forest bathing is a great way to cleanse the mind and the body.

Seek out the joy.

Head out for a coffee at your favourite cafe, buy a new pair of workout shoes or new book and curl up and read. Whatever little things in life bring you joy, do them!

Do something to better your health.

Take a cooking class, try a new fruit or veggie or plan a fun and active day with your kids. Finding time for fun, connection, physical activity and good food can make for an amazing Mother’s day!

My mom and I have been through many ups and downs and twists and turns over the years but one thing always remains, the love we share. Finding time to let your mom know she is loved and appreciated goes a long, long way. It’s the small gestures that leave the biggest impact.

And, why not give the gift of good health on an ongoing basis?

To celebrate amazing moms everywhere, for May 2019 I am offering a special of 4 months of online health coaching for the price of 3! That’s a savings of over $300.

Book a free consult call today and take the first very important step to changing your life!

I can’t wait to chat with you. Happy Mother’s Day!

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