My 4 Pillars Of Sacred Leadership

By Flora Ware | Blog

Apr 21

What words come to mind when you read, ‘Sacred Leadership?’

Does it conjure images of Priests or Ministers, giving a sermon in church? Or perhaps you think of humanitarians like Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King Jr and how they led huge movements of change from their deep spiritual connection.

For some, anxiety may come with those words; feelings of inadequacy can overshadow feelings of potential.

Do you ever find yourself doubting your ability? Your power? Your strength?

This is a sad reality many face, especially women. As a gender and as a community, women have been conditioned to not see themselves as leaders. Women have been taught to doubt their capabilities and their talents.

My passion is helping women rekindle the fire and creative power within themselves. I believe women should not only feel this remarkable potential, but should have the tools to USE it.

I’ve had to learn and grow into my own sacred leadership, and everyone is going to have their own experiences trying to find it.

That’s why I have decided to share my four pillars of Sacred Leadership…

Everyone can feel like a leader in their own lives, not only entrepreneurs, politicians, and business owners. Stepping into our own unique versions of sacred leadership is vital. 

Let’s Define These Words First:


The original definition means anything connected to God or dedicated for a religious purpose. In the 21st century, the term has expanded as our definitions of God and religion have expanded to include non-religious spirituality.

Sacred can mean anything that serves life with a purpose. An experience, location, memory or conversation can be sacred when it serves your life or another’s life in a positive way. Even the experiences that seem to cause suffering and pain in your life, can still be a sacred lesson.


The more traditional definition of a leader is ‘someone who takes charge’, but I believe a good leader is someone who empowers others.

A leader has a sense of authority, and with that comes responsibility. Anyone who identifies as a ‘leader’ should be defining themselves as a trailblazer and a person who feels comfortable stepping into an authoritative position – without destroying the confidence or passion of others. True leaders create more leaders.

My Four Pillars Of Sacred Leadership

Pillar One: Courage

Courage is vital to becoming a leader. Knowing your truth and having the confidence to forge your own path and actually follow it, takes an immense amount of bravery.

Change can be paralyzing; it’s scary to create your own independence, especially when others try to discourage your goals and undermine your leadership abilities. However, we can be our own worst enemies – our own fears and doubts dominate our potential.

Who am I to think that I can do this?

I’m not good enough.

I’m not smart enough.

This is imposter syndrome; a fear of putting yourself in a challenging situation or being seen as a failure. Those who use this kind of language when talking about themselves are subjected to the corresponding experience.

And guess what? Women are especially susceptible to this syndrome.

It takes an enormous amount of courage to overcome this language. Your desires are valid – however, they need to be larger than your fears in order for you to move forward. When you have courage and you know that your end goals are worth the struggle; you’ll no longer be paralyzed by that fear, you’ll be empowered by it.

Pillar Two: Vision

Having a strong vision of your goals and values is vital for any leader to succeed. Leaders must have a clear vision of their ‘why.’ Knowing what your purpose is in life or your business is going to make that vision clearer for you; ultimately providing you with a stronger leadership ability.

How To Find Your ‘Why’…

On the surface, your ‘why’ could be a multitude of things:

  • To bring change where you see it’s needed
  • Freedom to have time for your family
  • Personal growth and challenging yourself

Your ‘why’ can really be anything that motivates you to keep going, but is that really it? Is that the extent of your vision? If you really think about it, I bet you have dozens of ‘why’s.’

You may even be afraid of your biggest ‘why.’

It may feel so grand, so much bigger than you, and daunting in its scope and impact! Just remember, a big vision isn’t held or created by one person alone. You’ll receive support along the way.

Fear of letting yourself down can be powerful enough to bring passions and businesses to a rapid halt. Stop. Continue to surrender to the idea of finding your ‘why’ until it is a crystal clear vision. You deserve to be living your life in the best way possible. Instead of being afraid or daunted by your big vision, be INSPIRED and MOTIVATED by it!

Pillar Three: Inclusion

Creating a space where all voices are heard and providing a safe space for racial diversity, gender identity, and visible minorities is a hallmark of a sacred leader.

A leader needs to be aware that their perspective of the world is different from others; that they likely have privileges and experiences others do not. Are you serving other people just like you? Or does your work support a diverse community?

Can you do more to lift up women of color?

Can you create more open discussions about injustices and inequalities?

Have you created a space for all religious faiths?

How inclusive is your social bubble?

How inclusive are your programs within your business?

A good leader is aware of the areas they struggle with socially, spiritually, politically, etc. Create an inclusive space that welcomes all people from all walks of life. The more perspective a leader gains, the more valuable they become to the communities their business serves.

Pillar Four: Activism

Activism does not necessarily mean politics, but maybe your activism is political. Your business could be donating to organizations that support single mothers, or conserving wild nature, or food banks in your community. Although the activism that is normally shown in TV and movies and social media platforms is political, a sacred leader can be an ‘activist’ by protecting something that needs healing.

Are you passionate about Ancient Medicine? Maybe you believe that the Western World focuses too much on newer forms of reactive bandaids, without going back to the root causes and prevention— that’s your activism.

What do you want to take a stand for?

True leaders support what they believe in because they’re in touch with their values and know their beliefs.

Our values will always manifest into the world, and our words have the ability of either tearing ourselves down, or bringing ourselves up. Let’s take the challenge; let’s all be amazing leaders in our own lives and encourage others to do the same.

  • Courage
  • Vision
  • Inclusion
  • Activism

Again, I emphasize that these are MY four pillars… but you are a unique Divine being. I encourage you to take what I have gifted here, and feel into your own core pillars of sacred leadership.

With love,

~ Flora Ware

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