TraNSfoRMationaL  TRaiNiNg foR GRoup LeaDeRS 

Starts May 12, 2021

Hello and welcome! Thank you, sister, for answering the call to step into your sacred leadership. 

Since you're here, I know that:

  • You love bringing people together in meaningful ways 
  • Sharing wisdom comes naturally to you - even if you don't consider yourself a "teacher"
  • You have experienced the healing power of intentional group gatherings, and are now creating your own (or want to!)
  • Organizing and leading transformational workshops, masterminds and/or retreats is part of your business (or it will be!)
  • You're likely already running sister circles or online group programs, and want to increase your confidence and skills as a facilitator 

A SacreD FaciliTaTor GuiDeS the AlchemY of ChanGe

What does it mean to be a Sacred Facilitator?

You are part of the rising tide of women reclaiming their power and sharing their wisdom and love. You have a deep desire to make a positive impact in the world, and part of your mission means includes gatherings and events of many different sizes, reasons, and forms.

You understand the vital importance of bringing people together to share wisdom, have conversations from the heart, and strengthen our connections to ourselves, each other, and the planet.

Your voice is needed as collectively we are birthing a new paradigm of leadership. You stand for true freedom, community, inclusion, and peace.

You accept your role as a co-creator of our future and are committed to social justice. This requires embodying integrity, responsibility, courage, and compassion.

Being a visionary, a catalyst, a way-shower, and a space holder — this is what it means to be a Sacred Facilitator.

This program is ideal for anyone leading groups such as:

  • Health/Money/Relationship Coaches 
  • Spiritual Teachers  
  • Marketing Consultants 
  • Reiki Instructors & Energy Healers 
  • Yoga Teachers 
  • Sound Healers
  • Tantra Workshop Facilitators 
  • Red Tent & Moon Circle Priestesses 
  • Birth & Postpartum Support
  • Tarot & Divination Teachers 
  • Writing Mentors 
  • Ceremonial Officiants

"This training gave me a framework with tools and support to start facilitating circles. When I first enrolled I thought I would do online circles and group programs. However, as the weeks went on I gained confidence to put myself out there to host live circles. Flora provided a lot of ideas and resources and ultimately I used my intuition and strengths to make a format for my own circles. I led my first circle at my home before the program was done! I wanted a place for like minded women in my area to gather and build a community and it is a truly wonderful feeling to have created that. I'm also now doing group coaching online. I highly recommend this program!"

- Cassandra Solano, LCSW : Psychotherapist, Relationship Coach & Moon Circle Leader

In Sacred Facilitators, you will learn how to:

  • Expertly conduct the energy and flow in any group setting.
  • Hold sacred space so people feel safe expressing themselves fully and truly.
  • Craft deeply moving and meaningful rituals that support your material (even if your event isn't "spiritual").
  • Foster connections between participants so everyone feels connected and accountable.
  • Handle resistance from anyone who is "hijacking" the group or bringing a judgmental or know-it-all energy in the space.
  • Know what leadership and facilitation style is best suited for the event.
  • Improve your public speaking and lead powerfully and confidently both virtually and in-person.

"Having been in various circles hosted by Flora I knew what a beautiful guide she was for sacred experiences, so I was very excited to take her program Sacred Facilitators. Flora combines her extensive & diverse knowledge of the spiritual tools as well as the technical tools for creating powerful containers in this modern age. The content she provides is so clear & actionable, it was easy to immediately put into use for my work. The course & conversations made me think even more holistically about the environments I'm creating for transformation, and I know my virtual groups as well as retreats will benefit from what I've learned. Thank you Flora!"

- Sonya Highfield: Mindset & Business Coach, Real World Creatives

The 9 Core Training Modules are:

1. Answering the Call of Leadership

The 4 Pillars of Sacred Leadership and knowing your own strengths & shadows.

2. Opening

6 essential components in preparing for and opening your event, and knowing your values and intentions as a facilitator.

3. Creating Sacred Space

3 Ways to do this on both the energetic and physical plane to set the stage for client breakthroughs.

4. Group Facilitation Skills

Knowing the different leadership styles that work for which events and the 1 thing that can destroy your safe space.

5. Navigating Group Dynamics

Fostering connections between participants and managing resistance and triggers that come up.

6. Themes

Inspiration and ideas for ceremonies, wisdom-sharing and healing circles, plus guide to creating potent rituals.

7. In-Person Events

4 Considerations for every in-person gathering to ensure its success, including awareness of cultural appropriation.

8. Virtual Events

Step by step tutorial on using Zoom software and 2 things to never do when facilitating online.

9. Closing

Expertly directing the ending of your event and what to do afterward to continue to support and grow your community.

Three Enrollment Options:

Self Study

Opening Ceremony 

9 Core Training Videos 

Homework Assignments  

Private Facebook community

Closing Ceremony

$475 USD 

or $12o USD x 4 months 


Everything in Self Study, plus:

6 Group Coaching Calls
4 Business Lessons
2 Advanced Training Videos
Facilitation Feedback

$1,475 USD
6 and 10 month payment plans available.

Only 8 spots open.

This will be an intimate group to ensure personalized attention and excellent support.

Submit your application through the button below.


Everything in SISTER-MIND, plus:

4, 1:1 Sacred Business Mentoring Sessions
Spotlight Feature
Website & Social Media Audit
Hands-on technical support

$2,475 USD
6 and 10 month payment plans available.

Only 4 VIP spots open.

This will be an intimate group to ensure personalized attention and excellent support.

Submit your application through the button below.


The first 4 women to join either the VIP or Sister-Mind will get a 4 hour Sacred Business Strategy Session with Flora, where you will deep dive together to conceive and create an actionable, 6 month plan. (Value: $333 USD)

The first 3 women to join the Self Study will receive complimentary admission to Flora's upcoming Walking the Wheel of the Year workshop happening at the end of May. (Value: $33 USD)

5% of all proceeds are donated to Because I'm A Girl, Plan International, an amazing non-profit that sponsors young girls and supports education and business training for women in developing countries. 

Included Bonuses!

Sacred Inclusion: Learn to Create Truly Inclusive and Safer Spaces for People of Colour in Your Work

More than ever, white spiritual women want to learn how to be a good ally and not unintentionally exclude or cause harm to BIPOC. In this workshop, educator and facilitator Eva Glamaris guides you to do the deep inner work of understanding privilege, unconscious bias, and how to bring an anti-racist ethic to your sacred business.

Trauma in Women: How to Spot the Signs and Navigate Common Triggers

Many women have experienced some kind of trauma and as a group leader, you are in a role that requires skill and sensitivity in this area. In this informative workshop with Cassandra Solano, Trauma-Informed Therapist and Women's Circle Leader, you'll learn how to spot the signs, navigate common triggers, and what to do when this comes up. 

Discover Your Feminine Business Archetype

Prior to the program start, you'll receive Flora's 4-part video e-course, Discover Your Feminine Business Archetype, to give you a head start in understanding your leadership style, strengths, and shadows. 

Moon Magic 101

Want to learn more about lunar cycles and moon rituals? Then you'll love this bonus of Flora's Moon Magic 101 video course where you'll learn about the different phases, intuitive rituals, why cyclic living matters, and how to get attuned!

"We are now re-imagining and re-defining what leadership looks like. And I see women at the forefront of this global shift."
~ Flora Ware

When I first started facilitating workshops and women’s circles 20 years ago, I was young, energetic, optimistic… and a bit clueless.

Sure, I’d received some informal training and I definitely had lots of experience as a participant, but I didn’t know how to deftly conduct energy flow, or stay on track with my workshop curriculum, or stop the circle from turning into gossip, complaining or chit chat.

I didn't understand the cultural and psychological wounds that deeply affect women such as the sister-wound, mother-wound, and witch-wound. I wasn't aware of how to handle trauma triggers from these and other systemic oppression wounds from racism and cultural appropriation. I wasn't able to hold the depth of sacred space for transformational healing and breakthroughs.

Most importantly, I wasn’t embodying a leadership energy — because I never wanted anyone to feel like I placed myself “above” them in a teacher/guru status. So I continued to people-please and diminish my power and presence.

Think of an event or webinar or virtual group call you’ve attended with a wonderful facilitator, that despite her intelligence and good nature, felt flat and surface-level. Now recall an event where the energy was electric, the facilitator expertly guiding the group so everyone felt deeply impacted.

What’s the difference? It’s mastery of sacred facilitation skills and leadership embodiment.

This is what you'll learn inside
Sacred Facilitators.

In the Self Study level you receive:

Opening & Closing Online Ceremonies

We begin with a live, virtual Opening Ceremony on the New Moon, Wednesday May 12. The Closing Ceremonies for the Self Study level will be in July, and for the Sister-Mind in October.

This means you are not only learning about holding sacred space, but you are immersed in it during the program. These ceremonies will be recorded and the replays sent by email if you cannot attend live.

9 Training Videos

Self-study over 3 months. Videos are 30 minutes or less. All materials are yours to keep for future reference.

Homework Assignments

Get organized and confident with your facilitation by completing the homework assignment with each training video. 

Private Facebook Community

Connect with other sacred facilitators and share your assignments, celebrations and questions in the private group, benefiting from the inspiration, support and accountability. 

In the Sister-Mind level, you receive everything in the Self Study plus:

Group Coaching + Business Lessons

Meet for monthly calls to focus on creating and delivering your events and offers. In these sister-mind sessions, you'll receive guidance and insights from Flora and your peers.

This gives you the invaluable addition of a sacred business mastermind group and 3 extra months compared to the self-study option, including 4 additional lessons on:

~ Birth Your Vision: design and deliver offers and events that are both lucrative and soul-aligned
~ Divine Channel: energy magic, oracular leadership, and video marketing
~ Rituals in Business: for attraction, alignment and amplification
~ Be Your Own PR Agent: guest speaking and writing, and how to give great interviews

2 Additional Training Modules

Receive two extra training videos and assignments:

Advanced Sacred Facilitation Skills ~ working with Sacred Geometry, invocations, and embodying archetypal transmissions that support your event. 

Marketing Your Sacred Business ~ video marketing, PR, managing social media, and promotion methods to grow your community and connect with potential clients.

Facilitation Feedback

Further improve your skills by receiving constructive feedback on your facilitation. Flora will give suggestions after reviewing a video or audio recording of you "in action" or a written outline that you provide.

In the VIP level, you receive everything in Self Study and Sister-Mind plus:

Spotlight Feature

Once all assignments and your final assessment are completed, receive a spotlight promotional feature in Flora's email newsletter and Awaken the Goddess Within Facebook group — putting you in front of 4,000+ women.

Website & Social Media Audit

Flora will review your website and main social media platform and offer suggestions on how to improve your online presence in alignment with your archetypal leadership and goals.

4 Private 1:1 Sessions

Meet with Flora 1:1 to receive personalized mentoring on your archetypal leadership, strategy, marketing, spiritual practices and success mindset.

Includes 6 months of virtual access to Flora through email and Voxer (voice texting app) so you can reach out with questions or for reflections at any time.

You'll get hands-on technical support at this level to assist with implementation. This gives you the best way to grow your sacred business. 

"The reason why I entered Sacred Facilitators was because even though I have a professional career, I have this yearning of doing more work with women. A few years ago I went through a dark time of depression and burn out— professionally and personally. I got out of it by doing a lot of inner work on myself, learning tools, and I would like to share that with other women so they don't have to go through it and suffer, thinking it's "normal". This program gave me the confidence to start holding circles for women to share, and I've also started hosting vision board parties and I'm helping women in the way I dreamed of doing. I'm now even starting to organize plans to hold a weekend retreat next year!" 

- Pooji Mahtani, Women's Circle Leader

Get the training, skills and confidence you want as a group leader.

  • Uncover your "archetypal leadership" to embody your personal strengths and embrace your shadows.  
  • Never again doubt your ability to create offerings and events that will bring your clients breakthroughs.
  • Immerse yourself in the medicine of circle so it translates potently into the offers you share  
  • "Walk the talk" by integrating spiritual practices into your daily life and your sacred business.  
  • Gain new friendships with other entrepreneurs and facilitators. Connections can lead to collaborations!
  • Expand your offers (and income streams) and apply this skills training to everything you do.  

"If you want to learn how to facilitate women's gatherings or any kind of sacred space for people to come together, I highly recommend this fabulous course! It gave me the confidence to go from only online to hosting monthly live circles and now I'm planning my first retreat! Flora is a wonderful teacher and coach — you can't go wrong." 

- Suzie Zurn, aka Madame Zee, Women's Empowerment Coach, Tarot Reader & Witchling Mentor 

Which Option is Right for You?

Self-Study is a good option if you:

  • Work well scheduling your time and completing online assignments on your own
  • Like learning online at your pace
  • Are already well supported with people in your life who understand your spiritual work and motivate you
  • Haven’t led group events before, or only a few, and want to learn how to do it well — but aren’t sure yet if this will become a “business” for you
  • Run a successful 1:1 service-based business and want to offer more group programs and events — but don't feel like you need the extra support of a mastermind

The Sister-Mind is for you if you:

  • Learn best from a mix of online self-study, live group coaching, and hands-on practice; being immersed in the work and held accountable to doing it
  • Love being connected to other like-minded women in a virtual sisterhood for the inspiration and support
  • Are already leading group programs and events, and know that this is a path and an income stream you want to improve and expand on
  • Want the additional business lessons and training on marketing, advanced group facilitation techniques, and leadership

You want the VIP option if you:

  • Resonate with everything said about the Sister-Mind level, and…
  • Desire personalized mentoring for your leadership and success mindset
  • Want the highest level of support to grow your sacred business, expanding your capacity to serve and fully integrating your soul into your work
  • Would like customized feedback on your offers, branding, copy, and launch strategy, plus up to 5 hours of virtual assistance for your technical implementation and delivery
  • Are ready for more visibility and want to receive the benefits of the Spotlight Feature on your work

About Flora...

Flora Ware is a dream igniter and Priestess. As a Leadership Mentor and Sacred Business Coach, she helps women hear their soul's voice, awaken the Goddess within, and align their life and work with their unique feminine power. Flora is also a speaker, author and certified Sound Healer. 

Flora attended her first women’s circle in 1993. This powerful experience led her to a path of devotion to creating and holding space for women to remember and share their wisdom. With more than a decade-long career in marketing,  communications and audience development, Flora now marries strategy and sorcery and mentors her clients to do the same. As the Creatrix of Sacred Facilitators, she is on a mission to train women to be stronger leaders, transformational teachers, and profitable sacred business owners.

She lives with her wife and young wizard-in-training on the unceded and traditional territory of the Okanagan First Nation, in BC, Canada.

Join us now for Sacred Facilitators:

Self Study

Opening Ceremony 

9 Core Training Videos 

Homework Assignments  

Private Facebook community

Closing Ceremony

$475 USD 

or $12o USD x 4 months 


Everything in Self Study, plus:

6 Group Coaching Calls
4 Business Lessons
2 Advanced Training Videos
Facilitation Feedback

$1,475 USD
6 and 10 month payment plans available.

Only 8 spots open.

This will be an intimate group to ensure personalized attention and excellent support.

Submit your application through the button below.


Everything in SISTER-MIND, plus:

4, 1:1 Sacred Business Mentoring Sessions
Spotlight Feature
Website & Social Media Audit
Hands-on technical support

$2,475 USD
6 and 10 month payment plans available.

Only 4 VIP spots open.

This will be an intimate group to ensure personalized attention and excellent support.

Submit your application through the button below.

Have questions? 

If you want to chat with Flora before making your decision to ensure that this program is right for you, feel free to send a private message through Facebook or email

More Love from Sacred Facilitators Alumni...

"Sacred Facilitators gave me two things: A solid foundation of leadership techniques for me to use in the future, and the knowledge that I can succeed as a leader and facilitator. My plans and goals have expanded. The homework assignments helped spark a few ideas for making events bigger and more meaningful, and for a new class or two I could run. I know that my future events will be stronger."

- Cait, USA

"I came into this program because of my longing to be part of a circle, and realizing that where I live I will need to create one to have one to go to! I was unsure if I was ready, I tend to always think I'm not. The program was more than I anticipated, covering more material than I had expected. I was very pleasantly surprised. Thank you Flora for holding the sacred space and creating such an amazing circle."

- Gudi, Iceland

"I'm so glad I trusted my intuition to take Sacred Facilitators! I felt from the first place that Flora is ideal to be my guide for this new experience. I really enjoyed the training videos, and the opening & closing circles so I could experience sacred facilitation as a participant while learning. I'm 100% satisfied!"

- Vasiliki, UK

"Before taking Sacred Facilitators, I had led circles and taught groups before, and it certainly helped me feel more confident that I was doing some things correctly and I picked up more tips and insights. I read, listened, and learned from Flora and the amazing and courageous women in the group. It has inspired and motivated me. And I appreciated the authenticity in Flora Ware's teachings the most. Thank you thank you thank you." 

- Zarina, Malaysia

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