‘Songs for the Wheel of the Year’ album released!

By Flora Ware | Blog

Oct 23

I’m thrilled to announce that I have released an album of sacred songs, created in devotion to nature and the Great Goddess.

In December 2018, in preparation for my Yule online ritual ceremony I went to Google to search for a chant I could learn and sing.

I couldn’t find anything that I really liked. This had become a recurring, frustrating situation. And in an inspired moment, my Muse whispered in my ear… write your own.

So I did. I listened for the spirit of Yule, and a song came through. And I realized I had a creative challenge: to write a chant that I could share in ceremony for each of the holy-days of the Wheel of the Year.

Over 12 months, I listened and wrote a song for each turning of the wheel, and shared them with my Awaken the Goddess Within community in ritual ceremony.

I never planned to record them, or release an album. But thanks to the encouragement and practical help of talented friends, Songs for the Wheel of the Year came to be!

There are 8 songs – one for each of the seasonal celebrations. Each one has its own style and archetypal imagery that conjures up the unique essence of the holy-days. Each one is an invitation to remember our connection with the cycles of life.

The original simplicity of my chants was enriched with vocal layering, harmonies and arrangements by singer and songwriter Heidi McCurdy. We are delighted to share this sacred music offering with you, made in devotion to nature and the Divine Feminine.

You can listen and purchase here: https://floraware.bandcamp.com/

And that’s not all… because once you say YES to the Muse and open yourself up to co-create in service with the Divine, many doors open.

I also made a MUSIC VIDEO!!

To celebrate the birth of this project at this time of year, we created a visual ritual for Veil is Thin at Samhain. Watch here: 

Deep thanks to musician and filmmaker Rosa Smedley-Kohl, who directed and edited the video.

And please, SHARE this music and video far and wide, if you are inspired!!

Blessed be.