Strength & Soul is born!

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Jun 21

It is with great pleasure that we announce the birth of our business, Strength and Soul!  Welcome to our happy, healthy slice of the internet.  This company is an evolution of our skills and passions and we are so excited to share our offerings with women around the world to achieve better health, more clarity and confidence, and an enriched life.

We thought a good starting place would be to explain the meaning behind the name.  Naming our business was kind of like naming our son.  It had to mean something to each of us and be a name we could both live with for years to come.  We tossed around several options and over the course of a few weeks we confidently landed on Strength and Soul.  Simply put, Kristy is the “strength” and Flora is the “soul” – but there’s so much more to it than that.

Powerful, solid, driven, courageous, faithful, authentic and brave are all descriptive words that we use to define STRENGTH.  Strength, in Old English terms, means bodily power, force, vigor, firmness, fortitude, and moral resistance.  For us, strength means to be resilient in your body, mind and soul.

Kristy embodies strength.  In her words: “This is a personality trait I acquired from a very young age.  Through the divorce of my parents when I was one years old, the transition to a new home and step-father at age 3, and the birth of my handicapped brother when I was 8, I grew up faster than other kids my age.  Living with fear and uncertainty, I developed an emotional fortitude to handle life’s ups and downs.  Through exercise and team sports, my two favourites being baseball and hockey, I love feeling my physical strength.  I started weight training at 18 and continue to love the energy and adrenaline rush I get from exercising.  I became stronger mentally after the years I spent struggling with an eating disorder and coming to terms with being a lesbian in my early 20’s.  In being true to oneself, finding strength is not a choice, it is the only way.”

SOUL is defined as the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.  It is related to inspiration, the subconscious, our psyche or inner self, and the essence or embodiment of a specified quality.

Flora brings the soul.  “I was blessed with an upbringing that encouraged creative thinking and living, respected intuition, and allowed for magical realism as a way of life.  Together with my Mother, I started going to women’s circles when I was 15; strengthening my connection to spirit and ceremony.  My entire life has been devoted to expressing my soul: through acting, dance, singing and writing, to making love, cooking and backpacking through foreign countries.  I remain fascinated by the depths of the human spirit and psyche, and continue to discover more in the laboratory of my own soul.  I have realized my purpose in life is quite simple: to be authentically, shamelessly ME and shine my light so bright it gives everyone else permission to do the same.”

Our logo shows this interconnection of body and spirit through the Vesica Piscis; sacred geometry that symbolizes the divine union of two whole entities and the third energy that is born from the union.  It also represents the harmonizing of God/dess energy (Soul) in a human body (Strength) to create Happiness and Health (Wellness).

So there you have it!  Please feel free to leave a comment, book a free 30 minute consultation call, and be sure to sign up for our enews.

About Us

Kristy and Flora founded Strength & Soul Wellness as a way to share their skills, knowledge and passion for holistic living with stressed out and overwhelmed women everywhere. Since becoming Moms, they have found creative ways to keep self-care, exercise, and personal development in balance with career, marriage and the demands of parenting. {Read more}

We give back!

1% of profits are donated to charities supporting the environment, health, and social justice.




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