The 7 Gates of the Heroine’s Journey

By Flora Ware | Blog

Oct 04

The ancient text, The Descent of Inanna, was written in Sumeria (now known as Iraq) between 1900-1600 BC. It holds the distinction of being the oldest epic poem in existence.

It tells the tale of Goddess Inanna travelling to and through the 7 gates of the underworld, dying, and then being re-born and returning to the Earth. Why did she go? Inanna, the Queen of Heaven, felt familial obligation to visit her sister Ereshkigal, Queen of the Underworld, after her husband had died. A death that it turns out, Inanna was responsible for.

When one understands the historical and cultural context of ancient Mesopotamia, the meaning of this tale is more a warning about the consequences of one’s actions, and that god or mortal, sometimes life just isn’t fair. [Joshua J. Mark, 2011]

By taking a more modern and psychological, specifically Jungian, lens to this story however, it describes in archetypal myth what is now known as the “Heroine’s Journey” – the feminine counterpart to the more well-known “Hero’s Journey.” Inanna must go within, shed her previous identity, face her shadows (accept her faults), experience an ego death and then a renewal to become whole.

Have you ever felt like you have died, and then risen from the ashes to be reborn anew??

22 years ago, I read Joseph Campbell’s book The Power of Myth and was profoundly affected. His way of explaining the meaning and relevance of archetypes and myth to our human psyche and our soul’s evolution inspired me. It stands to reason that ancient stories will have a vastly different relevance and meaning to us today. Yet, we experience universal truths and understand character archetypes in the same way.

Since last year I’ve been working deeply with this concept of the heroine’s journey energetically and tangibly, both in my spiritual practice and my business. I see a strong connection to our 7 main chakra centers (similar to the 7 gates) and our inner evolution.

From this, I’ve gathered a powerful coven of wise women for HEROINE’S JOURNEY: a FREE 7 day sacred feminine summit centered on healing, leadership and sisterhood!


  • Lisa Lister, author of WITCH and Love Your Lady Landscape
  • Elayne Kalila Doughty, focalizer of Priestess Presence
  • Tonya Gonzalez, founder of Brown Girls Who Bruja
  • Asha Frost, Anishinaabe Medicine Woman
  • Lauren Elizabeth Walsh, CEO and co-founder of Global Sisterhood
  • Kara Melendy, Goddess Mentor & Astrologer
  • Afura Nefertiti, Biz Witch & Multimedia Artist
  • Krystal Alexander-Hille, Founder of the Temple of Conscious Eroticism
  • Jonita D’souza, Feminine Lifestylist & Taoist Tantra Teacher
  • and Little Woo, Unicorn Lover & Mentor for Creatives

There will be 2 live, online ceremonies, and 10 incredible interviews for you to receive powerful transmissions and inspiration as well as practical tools and practices to ground the wisdom into your daily life.

Each day is connected to one of the 7 chakras, grounding down from Crown to Root.

Starts Sunday October 13, on the Full Moon with a live opening ceremony held on Zoom.

Is your soul craving more sisterhood and ceremony?

Do you want more tools and practices to guide your healing and growth?

Learn more and RSVP your spot here:

See you on the journey!

Artist credit: Inanna, by Lily Moses.