To Be A Woman

By Flora Ware | Blog

Mar 08

To be a woman is to be underestimated and undervalued.
To be a woman is to be over-responsible and over-exposed.
To be a woman is to be the gender majority but the decision-making minority.
To be a woman is to be the most powerful powerless.

Revered. Reviled.
Beloved. Mistrusted.
Protected. Persecuted.

To be a woman is to be a force of nature.
And what do we do with wild nature? We exploit it. Attempt to control it. Deplete its resources for our own convenience.

To be a woman is to embody a living temple.
And what do we do with sacred spaces we don’t understand? We desecrate them. Drop bombs. Forbid speaking the language so the cultural narrative is forgotten and the sanctity is replaced.

But times, they are a-changing.

Women are remembering.
Women are speaking up.
Women are re-learning to trust one another and themselves.

We are befriending our inner wild.
We are accepting our natural abilities to lead.
We are re-writing the stories people say about us.

Life-giver. Source-eress.
Visionary Weaver of new realities.
Teacher of future generations.
Guardian of the Land. Protector of Children.
Advocate for justice and human rights.
Storyteller. Keeper of ancient wisdom.
Leader of the new paradigm.

We are Generation Equality.

Women! With our hands and our hearts, our words and our wands, our intuition and our intelligence, we are birthing a new world!

We can bear the painful contractions. We remember how to hold our sisters in labour. We were born for this. We know what to do.

We know what to do.

~ Flora Ware

Written for International Women’s Day, March 8, 2020.
#IWD2020 #GenerationEquality