Trust Your Timing, Trust Your Pace

By Flora Ware | Blog

Jul 25

I’m spending more time offline these days, connecting with my essence, Mother Nature, and my family. Feeling more inner strength as I move through and rise above old stories and limiting patterns.

Finding grace. Alignment. Self love.

You may know that a month ago I was rear-ended on the highway. I was lucky that my whiplash was minor, but our car’s exhaust system was damaged badly enough it was a “write off” for the insurance company. 

Suddenly we were in a rental car and needing to buy a new vehicle. NOT how we planned to start off the summer!

Between dealing with everything to do with the accident plus our son being out of school, my available work time shrunk to a fraction of what it was. 

I got behind on client work. I got behind on my own work. In all the stress I fell back on some old eating and numbing out patterns. I felt like I could just keep my head above water.

Then last week around the Full Moon, everything shifted within. I heard my soul telling me:

Exhale worry, inhale TRUST. 
Exhale pressure, inhale FLOW. 
You are exactly where you are meant to be. 
Trust your timing, trust your pace. 
You are not too late, not too soon.

Our world is unnaturally fast these days, and this causes us to feel so much stress around “falling behind” or needing to achieve things more quickly. Do you feel this too?

I love being my own boss. But starting my own business seemed to trigger a latent workaholic streak in my I didn’t know I had.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of working 7 days a week when you’re an entrepreneur (even if it’s “just” checking emails or social media).⁠

For the last year, I go OFFLINE from Noon on Saturdays until Noon on Mondays. That’s a 48 hour digital detox EVERY WEEK.

When I feel “behind” on work, I sometimes try to compromise on this self care practice — because I hold a deep core belief and wound that my self worth relates to my accomplishments and getting work done is more important than taking care of myself.

This time, I didn’t compromise. 

I saw it for what it was: a shadow wound that needed healing. I listened to the part of me that was saying:

Slow down. Give yourself time to heal. Tell your clients why you’re late. Allow yourself grace. Forgive yourself. 

And guess what? The world hasn’t fallen apart. My income hasn’t dried up. I feel more love and support from my family, friends, and community. 

All the irrational fears that I need to hold on so tight to keep it all together, that I need to deliver excellence in every moment or I’m not worthy… well, they’re still there, but I’ve turned down the volume on them so they are like echoes in my mind. 

And I’ve turned the volume UP on self love.

My hope is that you, too, can be more present and loving with yourself.