Free 5 Day Online Event hosted by Flora Ware

April 26-30, 2021

You are here because you’re a leader. You might not call yourself one (yet), but you are leading every day in the choices you make and how you live your life.

You’re a healer. A teacher. A way-shower. A creative. A catalyst for the paradigm shift we are all sensing and seeing: that women all over the world are rising up to share our voices and our medicine.

Will you join us?

When Women Lead is an exciting new leadership training series and ritual activation for healers, creatives, teachers, and spiritual leaders.

In this training you’ll receive:

  • Meditations to connect to your inner Oracle and eternal wisdom
  • Sacred Skills Training on your leadership archetypes and how to use energy magic in business
  • Ritual Activations and Ceremonies to unbind you from beliefs and behaviours that keep your soul caged and your voice unheard
  • Action steps to claim your vision, create from alignment, and gain new insights on how to grow your sacred business
  • Opportunities to ask questions and get feedback

You will also receive an invitation to further deepen your group leadership skills in the Sacred Facilitators program which starts in May 2021.

Is this you?

Your desire to share wisdom and empower others means you bring people together. You love events and group programs.

You host gatherings in yoga studios and back yards, live-streams and retreat centres, Zoom rooms and ocean beaches to celebrate, learn, harmonize, and activate.

Whether you are full-time with your sacred business or not, you are impassioned to continue to master your skills and improve your offers and events.

Typical, mainstream business training doesn't interest you, because what you do isn't typical or mainstream. You want to integrate the fullness of your magic into your sacred work.


Beltane portal

Monday April 26 - Friday April 30 presents us with a very unique Beltane portal between the Scorpio Full Moon— considered Lunar Beltane— and the Solar Beltane of May eve. When worked with consciously, this can assist in expansion through harmonization.

If you are unfamiliar with the Celtic holy-day of Beltane, simply know that this is the midway point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. It's a time of fertility and growth, and is considered one of the more magical fire festivals on the Wheel of the Year. 

This portal is being opened and held between the lunar and solar with two ceremonies, and 3 days of sacred leadership skills training in between.

5 Day Overview

Monday April 26

11am Pacific

Lunar Beltane Opening Ceremony

We begin with a Full Moon ceremony to illuminate our intentions and release what is holding us back. Embracing our lunar nature, we reclaim its eternal beauty and cyclic rhythm. Will include a guided healing meditation.

Tuesday April 27

By Email

Embodied Leadership

The first pre-recorded trainings center on leadership.

  • When Women Lead: Facing our fears and common challenges 
  • Leadership Archetypes: Discover if you’re a Queen of Pentacles, Cups, Swords or Wands
  • Overcoming Distraction: Hybrid lesson + meditation to get you focused and magnetic

Wednesday April 28

By Email

Energy Magic in Business

These trainings focus on how to use energy magic practices in your creation and communication.

  • Transmit: Connect to a deeper place and become the frequency of your sacred work
  • Attune: Living and working in rhythm with nature's creation cycle
  • Seat of Your Sovereign Power: guided meditation to empower and reclaim

Thursday April 29

11am Pacific

Group Coaching and Q&A

Time to check in. Join this open group coaching call and Q&A so you can deepen with the sacred skills trainings, ask questions, share your current challenges and celebrations, and receive feedback.

Directly experience the sisterhood support.

Friday April 30

11am Pacific

Solar Beltane Closing Ceremony

'Sacred Union'

For our Closing Ceremony, we will come into sacred union with our lunar and solar leadership, harmonizing our strategy and sorcery, and fully receive the Beltane codes of Abundance!

Yes! I want to participate in 

When Women Lead!

Note: The live online events are Monday, Thursday and Friday, happening at 11am Pacific/ 2pm Eastern/ 7pm GMT. You’ll have the option to join by Zoom, or tune into the FB Livestream, or watch the replay video. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the trainings are delivered by email for you to tune into on your own time.

We will have a private Facebook group to connect and share, but you do not need to be on Facebook to participate in When Women Lead.

“Flora is a true sacred business Priestess. Her level of technical and grounded expertise around what it really takes to create and deliver group programs and events, combined with her intuition and embodied spiritual practice, is a rare and wonderful gift for all who are called to learn from her.”
~ Elayne Kalila, Gatekeeper and Focalizer of Priestess Presence Temple

About the Facilitator, Flora Ware

I love standing at the intersections of my creativity, spiritual path and entrepreneurship. As a Leadership Mentor and Sacred Business Coach, I help visionary leaders birth their dreams by aligning their mission, message, and magic.

My career background is in Marketing, Communications and Audience Development Strategy. I now devote my life and work to spiritual teaching and ceremony as a mentor, speaker, and Priestess.

It is my pleasure to combine my passions and skill set supporting entrepreneurs to grow their businesses using their unique gifts and strengths.

When I’m not working, you can often find me reading, making coconut curry, hiking, or paddle boarding. I live with my wife and son on unceded traditional Okanagan territory in BC, Canada.

© Flora Ware, 2021