You Are The Temple

Activate the 7 Portals of Sacred Feminine Embodiment

Lifetime access, Self-Study VIDEO PROGRAM

You intuitively sense that in order to go deeper on your spiritual path, you need to go deeper into yourself.

You’re bored with staying on the surface, and ready to really align with the potential for transformation you feel is possible!

All the books, workshops and oracle decks in the world can’t give you the gnosis— the direct, sacred knowing — that your soul is longing for.


It’s time for you to fully awaken the Goddess within you, by embodying the truth that You Are The Temple.

You Are Temple is a consciously curated embodiment training series for women who want to experience communion with the feminine divine through meditation, energy practices, and archetypal work.

It’s an activation based on the frequency of 7, connected to myth, mysticism, and the evolution of human consciousness. The sources for this program range from chakra studies, tantric practices, anatomy, the Magdalene codes, quantum physics, archetypal spiritual psychology, and my own intuition and experience as a Priestess.

This program is for women ready to awaken to their mythic self, embody their wisdom, and step into their feminine power. You will:

  • Raise your frequency with spiritual practices and chakra energy work
  • Learn tools and exercises that support your physical, emotional and spiritual health and vitality
  • Experience guided embodiment practices that will connect you to your Spirit
  • Re-ignite your life with your passion and purpose
  • Understand your feminine archetypes and work, live and love like a Goddess!

"Understanding my archetypes and how that plays out in my business is incredibly powerful.  It's like a super power secret, like a behind the curtain view into what holds you back, how you sabotage yourself, and what you bring into the world."

- Michelle Cooper, Money Coach, Speaker, Author, Business Alchemist

In this self-study training you’ll receive:

  • 7 guided audio journeys connected to a Goddess and archetype
  • 7 gorgeous PDF guides with archetypal information and inspiration
  • 7 videos that take you through each portal to train, activate, and align you
  • 2 ceremonies, an Opening and a Closing, to guide and contain your journey
  • Practical how-to instruction on rituals and exercises to shift your reality
  • The 777 Activation as vibrational medicine to awaken and align with your sacred feminine energy

All this in a beautifully guided, self-study program you have lifetime access to... for only $97. 

(special introductory price of $77 currently on now until March 31, 2021!)

Understand your soul's blueprint. Embody your strengths. Embrace your shadows. Discover your mythic self.

Introducing the 777 Activation for Your Life

7 Archetypes : 7 Chakras : 7 Goddess Gifts

You are a multi-dimensional, holographic being. You exist in different energetic planes simultaneously. When you become aware of this, and with practice, you can begin to consciously work with ALL of yourself. This leads to:

  • Reclaiming personal power as the creatrix of your life circumstances
  • Attracting your desires more quickly using feminine manifestation principles
  • Increased joy, income and creativity, and reduced struggle, stress and feeling stuck

777 resonates with the spiritual awakening of the collective consciousness, which includes myth and mysticism, empathic and psychic abilities, manifestation and alchemy practices, ritual and inner knowing. 

In You Are The Temple, you will call in and attune to the magic of 7’s: 7 feminine archetypes explored through your 7 chakra centres, 7 portals of energy work and alchemical healing and YOU receiving gifts as you go through the 7 stages of magical self expression.

You Are The Temple Curriculum Includes: 


This opening invocation ceremony casts the circle and grounds your intention, creating sacred space for your time in the training.


Essential at the start of this kind of work, in this video you’ll learn how to ground your temple in both the physical and etheric planes.


Here you will be guided in energy practices to awaken and align your central channel, as you play the 'Inner Flute'.


This module is an overview of the 7 archetypes, their strengths and shadows, and how they are expressed, or repressed, in you.


Here you will be invited to feel where you are not aligned with the source of your true power, and redefine for yourself how you wish to utilize it.


In this portal you will enter into the embodiment of compassion and unconditional love, and receive the gifts that come from that opening.


Here we explore your heightened channels of perception and attune to your inner Oracle; leaning in to the path of the mystic.


In this portal, we will experience cyclic consciousness and communion— the sacred union of our divine human nature. 


In the Closing Ceremony, we will review the 7 portals of sacred feminine embodiment and integrate all that has been revealed to you in this exploration.

You will also receive:
7 guided audio journeys connected to a Goddess and archetype,
and 7 gorgeous PDF guides with archetypal information and inspiration.

Journey with Persephone

 Mother : DEMETER
In Demeter's Garden

 Wild Woman : FREYJA
Warrior Goddess Activation

 Healer : QUAN YIN
Emerald Fountain of Quan Yin

 Creatrix : APHRODITE
Aphrodite's Magic Shell

 Crone : HECATE
Hecate at the Crossroads

 Priestess : ISIS
Initiation with Goddess Isis

“Working with Flora has provided me with the sacred space and tools to identify and remove the untruths that I had surrounded myself with, and to see the pure truth of who I am shining underneath.”

~ Janice O’Connor

Your Investment:

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About your Guide, Flora Ware

Flora Ware is a paradigm shifter, dream igniter, and goddess guide. She serves a global community of women through her online business as a Temple Priestess, Sacred Business Coach and Leadership Mentor. Flora specializes in archetypal spirituality and embodiment, helping women hear their soul's voice, awaken the Goddess within, and align their life and work with their unique feminine power.

Flora attended her first women’s circle in 1993, and believes circle medicine is much needed for women today. Flora has studied feminine archetypes with psychologist and author Dr Jean Shinoda Bolen (Goddesses in Everywoman), SHE-led writing with Lisa Lister (author of WITCH), and Jade Goddess Tantra with Dr. Saida Desilets. She is currently in the Enter the Mystery initiation with Elayne Kalila’s Priestess Presence temple.

In addition to moon rituals and deep conversations with her soul sisters, Flora loves hiking, swimming, dancing, singing, and eating anything covered in pesto! She lives in Vernon, BC, Canada with her wife and young wizrd-in-training.

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